Blessed Samhain!

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    Welcome to the 3rd and final harvest of this yearly cycle, the Celtic pagan New Year, and the official beginning of the Balsamic/Waning Crescent/Dark Moon time of year.
    Traditionally, Samhain (Irish Gaelic)/Samhuinn (Scottish Gaelic), both pronounced “SOW-in”, is a 3 day festival. We can see this reflected in the Church’s appropriation of Samhain with All-Hallows Day, All-Saint’s Day, and All Souls Day from October 31-November 2.
    During these 3 days, the Veil is lifted. We can more easily communicate with those in the non-physical, wider life.
    We are transitioning to the days of living by the warmth of the Sun to the days of living by the warmth of the hearth. So as in tradition, fire is central to this celebration. Bonfires, campfires, fireplace fires (even a screen fireplace), candles, and lamps help us turn inward and explore places revealed by the lifting of the INNER veil as well.
    While we are celebrating Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is celebrating Beltane. This Samhain/Beltane axis is ever-connected and reveals secrets of the fae regardless of your hemisphere. In both cases the fae are about and it’s a wonderful time to leave them nuts, apples, bread, honey, or a plate of whatever you’re eating.
    Same for our ancestors. A plate at the table or left outside or a glass of wine on your altar for them in gratitude and remembrance is a wonderful way to celebrate and to invite those who have transitioned closer to us during this sacred window. xx

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