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Quicky Email Tarot Reading

Quicky Email Tarot Reading

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I’ve been reading tarot for over 20 years and it is my absolute pleasure to read for you! Sometimes you just need a quick read on something and that is the purpose of this service. Your reading will be delivered via email and will include pictures of your cards as well as interpretations and intuitive hits I receive. 

I will draw 3-4 cards, tarot and oracle, to find some guidance for you.

You can ask about spirituality, love, sex, money, tough decisions, what you need to learn or release, anything. <3


It is best to ask open-ended questions that are self-focused. Some examples would be:

How can I deepen the bond between my partner and myself?

What can I do to make the most of this situation?

What do I need to know about what blocks me from financial success?

How can I deepen my spiritual practice?

How can I manage my expectations in this relationship?

You will receive your reading within 36 hours, but most often within 12-24.

After you've completed your purchase, please email your questions to: rev.anandasykes@gmail.com