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Your Galactic Blueprint

Your Galactic Blueprint

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In this unique astrology reading, I take a deep dive into your natal chart to find the magical, mysterious, unique markers that hold clues to your true greatness and your soul's history and experience. Your natal chart holds more information than you can even imagine! Starseed markers, divine feminine/divine masculine blueprint, karmic energies, past life stories, rare astrological configurations, fixed star astrology, asteroid astrology, transpersonal astrology markers if applicable, and your natal and progressed moon phase are some of the sections that may be included in this reading. Everything is tailored for your spiritual growth and your spirit council/spirit guides lead the way, and you as the star can request a focus if there is specific clarity or information you're looking for.

This reading is a LOT of information and is meant to be re-read over time as it will continue to reveal more and more as you progress down your path.

Each individual's reading will be unique and could contain other sections not mentioned. This intuitive astrology reading is highly tailored toward each person's unique astrological template.

You will receive your reading via email as a PDF and you will be able to ask questions if anything needs to be clarified. Readings vary in length but are dozens of pages at least.



I'm seeing a crazy amount of synchronicities. Still totally fascinated with my reading. I go back to it every couple of days. Gives me a sense of calm and I believe in my soul being that it is all of me, or rather I am all of it.  - E. Doyle

This reading made me laugh and cry! So much I have always felt was true about myself...other people thought I was crazy... but you saw and confirmed with such love and depth. This is the reading I've always wanted. Thank you! - S. Hunter