2021 Spring/Summer Eclipse Season Sacred Portal

2021 Eclipse Season

2021 Spring/Summer Eclipse Season Sacred Portal


Every year we have 2 eclipse seasons. One in spring/summer and one in fall/winter. These potent periods of time are opportunities for conscious-focused individuals to experience rapid and palpable change in their lives.

*Scroll down for dates and channeled messages for each zodiac sign.*

With near constant geomagnetic storms, solar flares, and Schumann Resonance spikes… these energies are stronger than we’ve seen in a long time and have many people on edge, physically, emotionally, and spiritually as the intensity of human experience increases in an undeniable relentless fashion.

This is a sacred time, make no mistake. The veil between the seen and unseen worlds is thin, and this portal of experience presents an opportunity for tremendous upleveling for all. As those who are committed to this process know, sometimes transformation comes for us whether we like it or not. Our experience can be much softer and pleasant if we know how (and choose) to participate willingly.

Lightworkers, starseeds, and those who are here to assist with the evolution of humanity are needed NOW and will be experiencing this upleveling at this time in ways their higher selves have been preparing them for incrementally over this lifetime. This is a knowing that can be felt deeply.

This is a process of recalibration. Our higher selves orchestrate our lives so that we are presented with choice-points. These choice-points offer tangible opportunities to commit fully to our divine purpose. This is not always a comfortable experience. The body and the mind integrate information and energy at different speeds and it can sometimes feel like they are at odds with each other. Anxiety, insomnia, grief, anger, hopelessness, exhaustion, fear, confusion, and frustration are normal symptoms of this process of the body, mind, and spirit upleveling at different rates.

The body fears it is dying or disappearing when it integrates certain light codes and frequencies. At these times, when the discomfort is overwhelming, it is so very important to parent the body with love, compassion, and patience. Wholesome food, adequate (and even extra) hydration, proper rest, gentle movement, and activities that nourish and comfort are essential.

Circumstances in our lives that need to shift are now presenting themselves. Many soul groups, including Indigos and Blue Rays, will be upleveling in dramatic ways via their conscious choices at this time. Look for this! Notice each other, witness each other, and support each other in this divine expression of purpose.

Service workers of human evolution AKA lightworkers experience FIRST what the collective will experience later. This is so they can later support individuals in the process with a deep understanding of what they are going through.

Beyond careful and deliberate care for the physical body, there are some things we should all be mindful of during this sacred passage.

-Escape tactics and diversions that used to work will no longer feel comfortable. New coping skills will need to be developed.

-Reach for loving, mature neutrality and avoid drama.

-Be conscious of the information you consume. Agendas in the collective will be shifting and some will drop away. It’s okay to be “uninformed.”

-Allow others to have their experience. Be aware of your projections. Stay in non-judgement of self and others.

-Much will need to fall away in order to support a higher baseline frequency. There may be times when a void exists where the old belief system resided. Allow that incubation period to occur without judgement.

-It’s okay to not know how to proceed or what exactly your role is as a higher frequency-based service worker to the human collective. Your commitment to this process will allow your path to unfold before you. Your right timing is orchestrated. You can’t get this wrong.

-Choose your thoughts and words as if they reverberate throughout the cosmos (they do!). Allow yourself to mature even if your immediate world rejects you.

The Nihal New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10th will inject this entire process with an energy that can balance what is needed. Simply withdraw your energy from the old paradigm like the master you are and watch your divine transformation with love, peace, and gratitude.

I would be honored to assist you in moving through your experience of this potent transformational time. Go here for readings and sessions or email me at rev.anandasykes@gmail.com

 May 26, 2021 Full Super Moon Lunar Eclipse - Sagittarius 5°

June 10, 2021 New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse - Gemini 19°

June 20, 2021 Summer Solstice

June 24, 2021 Full Moon – Capricorn 3°


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Channeled messages for each zodiac sign:

Aries – It is safe to be fearless, and you will soon be able to see through any confusion you are feeling. Reach for nourishment that is actually fulfilling. We don’t grab an empty plate when we are hungry.

Taurus – Deep within your sacred heart, you know how to experience closure. It is no longer required that you carry these emotional burdens of your past. You have felt this moment coming for a long time now. Your ancestors thank you for healing your genetic line and you are now free of this responsibility.

Gemini – Owning your experience is empowering. Lean on higher guidance in order to resolve what seems unresolvable. Search within for any victim belief systems you hold for yourself and others and take responsibility for your experience with dignity.

Cancer – You will experience positive outcomes as you develop confidence in yourself. You are fully capable of dealing with whatever arises with wisdom and maturity as long as you don’t allow anyone or anything to take advantage of your kind nature. Take the time to make right decisions and then honor yourself by acting decisively.

Leo – You may think things are going off the rails, but they are not. You are being diverted toward an easier, more fulfilling path. Things are not as they seem on the surface. Trust your right timing and instincts above all else.

Virgo – The path of ease, grace, and beauty is the most efficient at this time. Struggle is not required for the gorgeous future that lies before you. Lean into ease and spaciousness whenever you can and trust the power of gentleness.

Libra – Surrender to your divine intelligence. You have the opportunity to become a revolutionary if you can align your actions and beliefs with your heart’s truths. Hold your energy steady around others and become one who influences through your maturely evolved example.

Scorpio – Commit only to what sets your heart ablaze and do not be distracted by shiny objects. That fire deep within is more powerful than you know and can shift your outer reality. Trust that your path of passionate bliss will not lead you astray.

Sagittarius – You actually can have it all. As the winds of change blow around you, stay single-minded and focus on your goal/vision for stability and grounding. You have nothing to be ashamed of. The wounds you have acquired on your path are sacred symbols of your strength, courage, and will to stay incarnated.

Capricorn – If you are having trouble closing that old door so a new one can open before you, lean into ceremony and meaningful ritual to help. Out of confusion, a clear path will unfold before you. Release any false limitations you have integrated into your belief system and give of yourself generously.

Aquarius – Significant inner healing is happening now. These inner changes will begin to manifest in your physical reality. It may seem tumultuous at first, but trust that equilibrium will come and you will find yourself on a brand new foundation of power.

Pisces – You are enough. Soon you will receive a resounding YES from the Divine Mind. Any toxic relationships in your life will begin to feel as if they are draining your vitality in an unbearable way. Your inner divine connection will guide you even if you experience rejection, criticism, and conflict. Your light will continue to shine through the clouds.

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