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 Rev. Ananda Sykes, B.Msc.

Hi gorgeous soul! I’m Ananda and I’m multi-passionate.

I’ll be the first to say that understanding ourselves, our loved ones, and the twists and turns of life is like trying to draw a mustache on a frog. Just can’t! The frog peed on you, it just feels off, the kid beside you throwing bread at the ducks is distracting. Why bother! And aren’t you a failure!

Oh no, my friend. Imagine if you could access some helpful information and strategies. Maybe you were trying to draw a mustache when really you’re better at frog matchmaking (and this is something you’ve long suspected but convinced yourself couldn’t possibly be the truth). Maybe you were attempting this superhuman feat right at the frog’s breeding time and he was SUPER distracted by all the hot frog ladies around. I pee in excitement all the time, I get it dude. Maybe the kid just had a meltdown and feeding the ducks was helping him pivot his energy.

I’ve never seen a person’s natal chart and NOT fallen completely in love. My belief is that you are perfect as you are (unless you’re a serial killer or rapist, let’s be real). This acceptance opens the doors to our true greatness and I absolutely LIVE for helping my friends (I consider all my clients to be friends) find this door and peek inside… or smash it with a bulldozer so there’s no going back. Either way!

“The place of true healing is a fierce place. It’s a giant place. It’s a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light...” Cheryl Strayed


I do like to get weird, I can’t lie. I’m a medium and “see” and “hear” things that are hard for me to explain. I’ve understood metaphysics since I was a very young child and have had one foot in the non-physical world my whole life. But I’m also a staunchly practical Virgo who likes to be real.

I was born into the weird and woo. While other kids were reading Dr. Suess, I was reading about reincarnation, the light and sound of God, and dream interpretation. The New Age environment of my family life naturally led me to study astrology and tarot at a very early age. I still have my first astrology book (which I bought for 25 cents at an Appalachian flea market) which is filled with the astrology scribbles of every preteen crush, friend, and family member.

I cast my knowledge net far and wide and have worn many hats as I tried to deny who I really am and why I’m here. Some highlights are decades of service in the healthcare field working with folks with developmental disabilities and existing with deafness and blindness, and 15 years as a licensed bodyworker and massage therapist where I got to use my skills as a Reiki and Huna practitioner and Aromatherapist… and tried not to tell my clients about the spirits, colors, and sounds I witnessed around them. I have a nursing degree (specializing in pediatrics and hospice) and a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics (almost done with Master’s) and am an active Minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics. I also studied Art and Psychology at UNCA. I have launched previous businesses in Aromatherapy and Artisan Perfumery and even went to Real Estate school! That was an odd one.

The truth is, my life has been full of trauma, drama, and magic. I had to learn boundaries, my worth, and how to say NO. Understanding my astrological blueprint removed much of the shame and confusion around “WHY AM I LIKE THIS AND WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME?!”.

My style is both mystical and practical and not unlike astro-therapy. You can think of me as a guide, cheerleader, and truth-telling friend and it is my deepest and most profound honor to be so.