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After my reading today, I’m so much more grounded and confident. Almost all the advice I got from other people was kind of more like shaming me than anything else. Now that I understand why I feel the way I do and why everything happened the way it did, I feel like I just got off a roller coaster. The reading you gave me showed me that everything happens as it should and I can only grow and learn when I connect with my emotions and my spirit. I’m so grateful to you!

Rachel Novkov

You helped me to gain clarity on my power… I struggle so much with that. Thank you SO MUCH!!! You are such an amazing person and working with you and your energy has been such a gift!!!



I feel like this is the most authentically that anyone has ever mirrored myself back to me. By seeing myself through your eyes I have discovered new depths of compassion for myself which is a gift beyond measure.


Josie Beug, DMV, CVA

I really enjoyed my session with you. It amazed me how intuitive you were even though we had never met before. I had been struggling with several aspects of my life- moving back home, getting back into the dating scene again- and you really helped me see what I should be focusing on to accomplish my goals and get back on the right path for my life. You're also a very lovely person and I'm looking forward to booking another reading with you!

Myra Lawson