Aquarius New Super Moon - February 9, 2024

Aquarius New Super Moon


Aquarius New Super Moon

This New Super Moon in Aquarius is a pretty big deal in the grand scheme of things, and occurs on February 9, 2024. As our first New Moon in Aquarius since Pluto made his 2nd ingress into the sign and being a Super Moon, we are at a place that speaks of powerful future energies. The problem is that we don’t quite yet know what that future is.

Further amplifying the power of this New Super Moon is a square between the New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) and one of Aquarius’ rulers, Uranus. This is a tight square that brings an element of shock and awe. Go ahead and expect the unexpected.

Uranus in Aquarius is like lightning hitting the Earth, like earthquakes, or like shocks to the body. I do mean this metaphorically, but only to a certain degree. This is a shakeup to something that appears solid. Now, on a personal level, this energy can be a blessing if we’re working on releasing stuck emotional material within. Both Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs and they tend to need extra help when it comes to change and release.

The thing we really need to talk about though, is the conjunction of Mars and Pluto that will happen on February 13-14th. The combination of planetary geometry in the 2nd half of February will offer some events and situations for us all to contend with, considering the level of tension in the world right now.

Mars and Pluto conjunct once every 2 years and it’s an energy that tends to reveal the dumpster fire side of the spectrum when we’re talking about the collective. This is a tremendous force of will, compulsive power dynamics that reveals the underbelly of human potential. All that shadow material we carry, the monsters in the dark… they come to light under this influence.

In our individual lives it is possible to use this energy to push through barriers we though were impossible to breach, so there is always a positive potential. On the collective level, though, we rarely see the positive Mars/Pluto conjunction have positive effects – at least at first glance.

From the 17th of February to the 23rd, there could be a series of events that may be shocking but will ultimately get our creative problem solving juices flowing and hopefully encourage us all to lean more into fraternity and brother/sisterhood and cooperation.

Speaking of cooperation, I will mention the co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces who is requiring that we all STAY PRESENT WITH WHAT IS and to resist the temptation to escape into blame games, finger pointing, conspiracy, and smoke and mirror rabbit holes – all of which take us out of our heart space. If we’re pointing fingers we’re not in our sacred heart’s compassion.

This degree of Aquarius, interestingly, is all about revealing darkness. At a much deeper level, it is asking us to attune to the higher perception of the cosmic wheel while still STAYING PRESENT with what is. The trap is getting too cerebral in trying to figure it all out while missing entirely the unfolding revelation and transformation occurring right before our eyes. It’s a high calling, I won’t lie. Part of this is recognizing and releasing the lie of false safety. The patriarchal matrix of this world lies and tells us that if you’re good or right, you are safe. If you’re bad or wrong, you’re not safe. This is all nonsense because we are nature and nature doesn’t work that way. So what happens if we can allow ourselves to accept that there is no guaranteed safety?

Hint: That is when we can find what we truly stand for and what is truly meaningful to us. Let’s go there together, into the mystery, into the magic, into the unknown future we are carving out together one step at a time.

P.S. If you have anything prominent in your natal chart at Sagittarius 11° of the Tropical Zodiac, this Aquarius New Super Moon could plant an unexpected seed within.

If you have anything prominent happening at Sagittarius 27°, this New Super Moon could feel more like a Full Moon as something is culminating and completing in fulfillment for you.

P.P.S The Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon is here! Asteroid Drago (25115) is retrograde and is exactly opposite Saturn at this New Moon. This could be bringing another energy of facing what we have refused to see and offering a beautiful opportunity to transform. For fun, check and see if this asteroid is doing anything prominent in your natal chart or in transit right now!

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