Leo Full Moon - January 25, 2024

Leo Full Moon

This FM is a major release valve of material from the past 15 years. With the 2nd ingress of Pluto into Aquarius (there will be a 3rd and final in November after a brief 2 month revisit to Capricorn) we will be feeling into the collective and individual themes of the next 20 years.

So let’s take this step by step and find the threads of energy in this FM.

The Leo/Aqua axis is about giving and receiving. Leo is this on an intimate, 1 on 1 level and often themes of whether or not this is reciprocal become enflamed for better or worse during a Leo FM. Aquarius is about this giving and receiving in a universal way, with groups of people or society at large. With the Sun/Pluto conjunction and ingress into Aquarius together on the 20th-21st, this universal energy is major. And we may become aware of how the interconnectedness of “out there”, the world at large is affecting our capacity to give and receive at a personal level.

Make no mistake, Pluto in Aquarius is going to challenge everything in our world. It’s going to require that we upgrade how we treat each other through the lens of “it must benefit all of us.” Those who are stuck in rigid, old and crusty belief systems are going to have the hardest time at least mentally. The false structures of resource control and distribution (AKA giving and receiving at a universal level) will be taken on by Pluto relentlessly. And we will do well to remember that friction creates opportunities for growth and welcomed change.

A Leo Full Moon is a wonderful time to explore to what degree we are allowing ourselves to be seen and be beheld. Consider that the Sun doesn’t question whether or not its light is being welcomed or received with gratitude, it simply shines consistently and without condition. Now, our Logos does have moments of extra-ness with solar flares (which have been WILD lately) and various levels of space weather we are offered. We also have La Luna who reflects this light in waxing and waning amounts, and it’s worth noting that when we look at the sky and see Venus, Mars, or Jupiter, we are still seeing the SUN’s light reflected back to us from their respective lenses. So without judgement, see if you can tap into where you are in relation to this as a being who has “light” to shine that others can receive and reflect back to us through their own lens.

This FM is square Jupiter and is forming a T-square. This tension is a noticeable energy and will require that we engage with humor, perspective, respect, and boundaries. If something is revealed in your life, don’t react immediately. Take the time to find your perspective and what your accountability is within the situation first. The initial presentation of what is revealed and how we perceive it at first may not be accurate. A helpful energy to connect with in this is Scorpio energy. Hence the respect and humor I mentioned, but also not showing all your cards right away. Take in the scene first, let it be messy without needing to fix it right away if that’s the case, and dig to the heart of the matter.

The FM is creating a Finger of God/Fate with Venus and Saturn. Another indication of a release point, a revelation, and we are supported beautifully by the sextile of Venus and Saturn who ask that we stay in touch with our true character. This energy favors solid values, loyalty, realness, and dignity. Having the courage to wait for what we really want rather than jumping into the frying pan without looking is of benefit. Let people and situations show you who and what they are.

And finally, we have a square of Mercury and Mars with the Moon’s Nodes. Collectively this gives inflammatory news vibes, which is no surprise, and individually it asks us to be alert and aware of our surroundings, to take care of ourselves and not rush, and to stand our ground if necessary. Tricky words or smoke and mirror deflection and distraction is afoot, so staying grounded and calm is once again the medicine.

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