Customized Astrology and Tarot Session

Customized Astrology and Tarot Session

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This live (video or audio only, your choice) intuitive astrology and/or tarot reading will be tailored specifically for you. The session will be hosted on Zoom and will be recorded so you can refer back to it whenever you like. When you receive your link to schedule, you will be able to leave you birthday, time and place of birth (if we're doing astrology), as well as the type of work you'd like to do together and what you'd like to focus on. 

*NOTE* This is NOT for relationship astrology synastry or shamanic channeling sessions.

Once you are scheduled, you will receive your link for Zoom.

You will also receive the charts we're working with if we're doing an astrology session.

Feel free to email with any questions or if you're not sure where to focus for this session. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your path!



I can't believe it! It happened just like you said it would! - Rachel N.

Thank you for your time and your guidance - so much became clear to me after our reading. I will be sure to keep in touch and I truly can't wait until our next reading together. - R. Gross

I really enjoyed my session with you. It amazed me how intuitive you were even though we had never met before. I had been struggling with several aspects of my life- moving back home, getting back into the dating scene again- and you really helped me see what I should be focusing on to accomplish my goals and get back on the right path for my life. You're also a very lovely person and I'm looking forward to booking another reading with you! - M. Lawson