6 Ways to Connect with the North Node in Taurus

North Node in Taurus

6 Ways to Connect with the North Node in Taurus

The Moon’s Nodes will be shifting gears as they move out of Sagittarius/Gemini and into Scorpio/Taurus. Because the North Node and the South Node are related to the Moon, their effect on us is related to our moods, instincts, and our general internal worlds. In Navigational Astrology, we use the North Node as our guide, our North compass point and leading-edge guidance for growth, healing, and sanity. The Moon’s Nodes are sometimes referred to as a dragon, with the North Node (Rahu) being the dragon’s head. The South Node (Ketu) represents the dragon’s tail.

In this way we can see that if we follow Ketu, the dragon’s tail, we will literally be spinning in circles. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. So in this way, we view the South Node as a comfort zone and what folks naturally tend to do. It often embodies the dumpster fire energies of the sign its in as well.

We can see this retrospectively if we look at the past 18 months through the lens of the Sagittarius South Node dumpster fire. You know how most people have been super righteous about knowing what’s “true” and thinking they have everything figured out… and even thinking they’re better than those who have a different view? Yep. The South Node in action on a global level.

North Node

On January 19, 2022, The South Node will move into Scorpio while the North Node, our guide, will move into Taurus where it will stay until July 2023.

I won’t even go into the dumpster fire of Scorpio energy because that’s the stuff of nightmares and I think you probably already know about some of that.

So let’s turn our eyes toward our guide, Taurus, and talk about some simple ways we can connect with this energy and incorporate it into our lives in order to marinate in sanity.

  • De-clutter your space


On a surface level, Taurus rules over our “stuff.” This is our money, our possessions, our THINGS. In particular, the time between January 19, 2022 – February 14, 2022 is a perfect time to do some de-cluttering. Taurus rules our values and the idea of letting go of what we don’t love or use regularly is a really powerful abundance mindset practice. This opens up space to receive more of what we DO love. Other ideas would be to check all those little subscriptions and recurring payments we maybe don’t use anymore. Financial de-cluttering is just as important.

Check out Flylady.net and do her “27 Fling Boogie” where you go through your house and quickly gather 27 items to toss or donate. Her entire method is amazing though.


  • Grow food

Taurus is a grounded, fixed, Earth sign and likes to be self-sufficient. Spending time outside in nature is always important, but it would be particularly nice to grow something you love to eat or use in your kitchen. Fresh herbs, spinach, and sprouts are super easy to grow and anyone can to it in a windowsill. To grow your own sprouts for sandwiches or salads, you only need seeds, a mason jar, some cheesecloth, water, and a window.


  • Take risks/believe in yourself

Taurus and Scorpio together form the Axis of Power in Navigational Astrology. Scorpio being power that involves other people and Taurus being our own power. When we take well-thought-out risks, we subconsciously tell ourselves that we believe in our self. Even if we fail, we know it’s not the end of the world and we believe in our ability to overcome.


  • No drama pact
Taurus in not about drama. This cycle will no doubt be chock full of mega drama, so making a vow to not create or engage with any unnecessary drama will go a long way to boosting our sanity and peace of mind. There’s something really powerful about stopping ourselves mid-bear-poking and saying “no, I’m not going to do that.”


  • Feed the senses, soothe the mind

Experiencing life through the senses is a very Taurus thing. This connects us more to our bodies and being present and mindful in this NOW moment. Less TV and more music, fewer “talks” and more walks and hugs. Making baths a home spa experience with candles, essential oils, and music, giving and receiving massages, eating super yummy food, are all on the Taurus menu.


  • Follow natural cycles/for everything there is a season

Part of connecting more to the Earth involves following the natural cycles. Those who follow a more Earth-based spiritual path may already do this by working with the Wheel of the Year.

wheel of the year

This includes the Solstices and Equinoxes, but actually has 8 “spokes” on the wheel, so about every 6 weeks we have something to celebrate and focus on that is part of nature’s cycle of life, death, and rebirth. For everything there is a season and living in this way helps us remember our connection with nature. This part alone will do us a world of good as our digital society of disposable screens and plastic toys simply cannot be maintained as is. The shift begins at an individual level and this is the time.


I hope you found this informative and helpful. I, for one, and devoted to being sane no matter how crazy the world gets. What are your thoughts?


If you’d like to explore the Taurus energy in your natal chart, I’d be honored to work with you.

For more on this North Node transit into Taurus and a dive into history, go here.

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