April's Cardinal Fire New Moon

April's Aries new moon brings an initiating energy to the boss mode of the collective. There are interesting nuances below the surface though, which I will explore in a moment. The cardinal fire of Aries is raw force that is not interested in anyone's opinion and wouldn't even consider dousing the flames for someone else's comfort. The vision is all that matters. New moons are naturally a time of initiating new energies, so this is a lovely push for us all.
To add to this powerful vibe, this new moon will be squaring Saturn in cardinal earth sign, Capricorn. Capricorn's spin on the cardinal energy is about working hard and steady in order to create something real in the physical world. It's the tenacity to become a master. Obstacles are nothing, and even if they were, the fire of Aries could easily incinerate them. Blow-back is possible when this much force is applied, but there's an intuitive underbelly at play here. Squares can agitate us and make us want to find a solution to a problem or get to the bottom of a blockage we're experiencing. It is an active energy that can't be ignored without some discomfort.
The moon's involvement brings an intuitive, non-physical element to this cycle. It's calling us to hone our skills and intuition. Imagine the sonar of a bat. They are blind, yet hone in on their target with incredible precision. With total awareness of all the nuances going on around them, they intuitively know how their prey will move. They don't wait or lollygag... they speed toward their mark with total trust in their abilities.
So what do we do with all this energy? Many of us have already been experiencing deep transformation with the conjunction of Pluto, the south node, and Saturn. Are you feeling weary? Blocked?
One of the reasons I love working with astrology and tarot together is that the strategies we need to navigate these transits can be gleaned from the cards. The 2nd decan of Aries is represented by the 3 of wands.
In this card, we see the energy of cardinal fire and earth turned inward, but only until it's time to pounce. Observing, planning, travel (astrally or physically), investigating new horizons, awareness of the big picture, embracing the vision for the future. If you're feeling itchy or agitated by these energies, take a moment and turn inward. Check in with your inner observer. Use your innate radar to uncover where the discomfort is really coming from. If you're feeling inspired and expansive, is it time to initiate something?
I like to remind myself that these energies are FOR us. We're pushed when we need to be pushed, and allowing that change is a skill to master.

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