Aquarius New Moon – February 1, 2022 - The Moon of Domestic Innovation

aquarius new moon

Aquarius New Moon – February 1, 2022 - The Moon of Domestic Innovation

Welcome to the New Moon in Aquarius and the lunation of Love. In Navigational Astrology, the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac encompasses the energies of Love and all the nuances and extremes that fall under that umbrella.

With this cycle beginning in Aquarius, we are planting new seeds of universal Love and concerns that effect humanity as a collective, our communities, our friends, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

This is more of a philosophical expression of love that values innovation, quirkiness, open-mindedness, and NOT going with the crowd or following tradition.

This New Moon is aspecting both rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus and it also has loads of energy that is asking us to turn our love and attention to our local communities as well as our homes, families, inner child, and our deepest psychological mechanics.

This combination of what seems like conflicting energies on the surface, is actually quite beautiful to my eye and here is why.

We often think of love as an emotion, yet in real life practice, it’s more of a choice that directs our actions. When the emotion of love wanes, we can breathe life into it by choice, regardless of emotion. This is some of that real-life love wisdom that most of us gain only later in life through many trials and errors.

With this New Moon conjunct Saturn, there is a seriousness and a request to make sober, responsible decisions. The square with Uranus, is asking those responsible decisions to be different than what might be the usual thing when we think of what “responsible” means. It’s time to redefine what is responsible.

This Saturn/Uranus square has been a major player in the world dramas of 2021 and it is now making its final exit as we work with its energy for this Aquarius/Leo lunation cycle. The tug of war with restriction and freedom that we’ve all been experiencing through this pandemic is this aspect literally defined.

With this New Moon’s connection with the local community, home and family, the specific request is to be more independent, plain and simple. Isn’t this fascinating that the astrology reads like this as world events and the supply chain is what it is as this moment. The sky is guiding us to focus more on our immediate surroundings and to innovate in any ways we can that can foster less dependence on world systems.

Venus has completed her retrograde cycle and will be dancing with her partner Mars all month, even though she is still in her shadow period until March. Mercury is in the last days of his retrograde cycle and it conjunct the great revealer, Pluto. Again this hints at potential weirdness “out there” and a revival and new life in our closest relationships which will have us thinking more locally and domestically.

This New Moon is in a tight conjunction with fixed star Alba li which lies in the left hand of the constellation of Aquarius. This star corresponds to the Arabic Lunar Mansion, of Al Sa'd Al Bula which has been said to carry the energies of freeing captives and healing the sick. That sounds pretty nice right now.

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Aquarius has also been associated with the pourer of the waters of the Great Flood, an event that is found in many ancient texts.

In the Greek version of the Great Flood story, a character named Deucalion was warned by his father Prometheus, who is still imprisoned for giving the gift of fire to humanity, to build a wooden chest. When the great rains came flooding the earth, Deucalion and his wife  floated in the wooden chest for nine days and nine nights until they finally landed on Mount Parnassus. It was there that they were instructed by an Oracle to repopulate the earth and they did so by throwing stones over their shoulders which turned into people. So here we have themes of chaotic upheaval and destruction as well as the healing and regeneration associated with Aquarius.

Emphasizing the request to turn energy toward our homes and communities, the Aquarius New Moon is landing right on the pagan sabbat of Imbolc which highlights one of the hearth goddesses, Brigid. In honor of this blessed time that represents the first stirrings of new life and helps us get over the hump of late January and February which can be a bit depressing for many of us, I made a video about 4 Asteroid Goddesses of the Hearth to help warm our hearts.

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