Juno Astrology - Asteroid Goddess Mythology

Juno Astrology - Asteroid Goddess Mythology

Traditionally and on a real surface level, Juno is the asteroid of marriage and commitment. Sometimes that’s as far as we look, but truth be told, there’s so much more to this story. With that in mind, I will go a little bit into the mythology, the pathology, and what it means for us as individuals depending on where Juno lands in our chart. Sign, house, shadow themes, etc.

statue of goddess Juno/Hera


In Greek mythology, Juno is Hera and Zeus is her counterpart. In Roman mythology they are Juno and Jupiter. As the Queen of the Gods, we automatically assume that she was this powerful being with this glorious life. While her archetypal energy is very potent, it carries with it a good deal of shadow and a treasure trove of learning potential for us.


There are several myths about the marriage between Juno/Hera and Jupiter/Zeus. In one of these myths, Hera was walking through the forest. Zeus caught a glimpse of her and was instantly entranced as it usually goes in mythology. Zeus shape-shifted into a Cuckoo bird which was a symbol of fertility at that time and announced when the rains would come to water the crops for a good harvest. Zeus transforms and the rains come. Hera sees this cold, shivering Cuckoo bird and takes pity on him. She picks him up and warms the poor thing at her breast. Zeus instantly turns into his true form and rapes her. Out of shame and obligation, Hera agrees to marry him. Not only does she agree to marry him, but she fully and completely commits herself to this union.

statue of goddess Juno/Hera


Another rendition says the pair was married in secret and this secret was held for 300 years. The reason the secret was held for that long was because it took all those years for the Hellenistic people to convert to monogamy, which is the type of marriage and commitment Juno represents. Monogamy as in the expression and realization of self through 1 partner, ideally a reciprocal commitment.


Enter the themes of Libra and Scorpio: Libra holding the themes of marriage and commitment, Scorpio bringing in the desire for consummation. There is a connection and an inherent friction between these energies and Juno carries them both. 


In the honeymoon phase of Hera and Zeus’ marriage, there was actually a lot of love and passion between them. This passage from the Illiad shows this:


“Never has such desire for goddess or woman flooded and overwhelmed my heart. Never have I felt such love, such sweet desire as fills me now for you,” said Zeus to his wife.


Pretty romantic, right? Well, that bliss rapidly faded, unfortunately. Zeus flaunted his lovers and illegitimate children blatantly, yet no matter what he did, Hera remained faithful to him. She became very angry, manipulative, and spiteful, though, and the shadow Scorpio side started rearing its head. She was denied the sacred sexual union and goddess rites that she craved and were rightfully hers...yet she remained faithful.

statue of god Zeus surrounded by his children



This is why, astrologically speaking, the asteroid Juno has little to do with love and everything to do with commitment and our jealousies and what triggers them. We also have a theme of withdrawal. In the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, the author talks about how women have this need to withdraw. He calls it “going into the well” which is a VERY Scorpio type of space, a dark, watery cave. Hera did this repeatedly in order to cope with her situation. She would withdraw and hide for hundreds of years sometimes, yet she always came back. Zeus would go through great lengths to draw her out of her hiding even though he had no intention of giving her the love that she so desired and deserved as his wife.


Once he created an elaborate ruse where he was supposed to marry a local princess. On the day of the supposed wedding there was a massive parade and celebratory procession where Zeus had put a veil on a wooden statue. Hera had no idea she was being tricked, so she comes storming through the streets with her goddess tribe and they’re ready to beat this girls ass and bust things up. Hera snatches the veil off the “princess” and realizes she’s been tricked. The crowd mocked her relentlessly, yet she returned to him. The level of commitment and self-sacrifice is astonishing. She totally gave over all her power and resented him for it completely. Asteroid Juno has much to say about all these themes in our individual lives.


Many astrologers say that the sign of Juno in your chart tells what partner you want, but I find that it’s not so simple and much more about what you need in a partner in order to even want to commit in the first place, and/or how we need to be treated by our partner.


For example, my Juno is in Leo and I need to be treated like a queen. I like everything to be luscious and yummy, I want all the devotion and to be the BEST my partner has ever had. I need to have fun and feel dignified with my partner. It isn’t that I want a Leo for a partner. Make sense?


So let’s go through the houses. Note that you may feel more resonant with either the sign or the house placement and not necessarily both.

astrology glyph for asteroid Juno


Juno in 1st house

This puts Juno close to your ascendant and could indicate that marriage and/or commitment is closely tied to your identity and could be a major focal point of your life. Themes of marriage and commitment are super important in general. Identity develops through relationship.


Juno in 2nd house

Marriage and commitment may increase feelings of self-worth. Strong commitment to relationship values.


Juno in 3rd house

Feelings of safety and rapport are created when communication is easy flowing. You may talk a lot about your partner or your relationship needs.


Juno in 4th house

Commitment to home life and creating roots, connection to ancestors. Entertaining at home. Domesticity as a show of love and devotion to partner. Need to feel that the inner child is safe in the relationship.


Juno in 5th house

Want a partner that can be playful and romantic with you. Commitment can create boosts of creativity. You want to share hobbies with your partner, entertain, and enjoy nights on the town. Children can bring you together or be a major focus.


Juno in 6th house

Themes of service in relationship. Need reliability and attention to details. Small things matter greatly.


Juno in 7th house

Marriage and/or long-term commitment and devotion is the ultimate goal. Commitment to creating harmony in close relationships.


Juno in 8th house

Must have consistent sexual connection in romantic commitment. Watch for power plays. Sex as a transformative experience. Can regard partner as a possession or vice versa. Catharsis can happen because of committed relationships. Shared resources can become so entwined that you forget what was whose. Til death do us part type of connection.


Juno in 9th house

Spiritual and/or philosophical connection is important in order to commit. Belief system is very important. You want to spend time outdoors with your mate and enjoy travel together.


Juno in 10th house

Partnership benefits career or social standing, or break-ups could affect career. Your marriage could be in the public eye. Married to your work or career.


Juno in 11th house

In order to commit, you must feel that you still have freedom and room to breathe.


Juno in 12th house

Marriage or commitment may not be a major focus. Partner may be kept secret. Deep spiritual connection required for commitment. Commitment or marriage may require sacrifice. Karmic and deeply psychic connection to spouse.


In the signs, Juno can show the type of person you want as a partner and/or how you need to be treated in order to commit.


Juno in Aries

Explosive, active, assertive, self-sufficient and not needy.

Jealousy triggered when low on confidence, direction, or self-actualization.


Juno in Taurus

Stability, pleasure, grounded, strong, enveloping.

Jealousy triggered self-worth is low and/or partner doesn’t give consistent stability and romance.


Juno in Gemini

Communication, variety, intellectual connection, multi-faceted, can indicate more than one marriage.

Jealousy triggered when not able to communicate effectively with partner or your natural curiosity and/or thought processes are not appreciated.


Juno in Cancer

Domesticity, clingy, nurturing, mothering, emotional connection.

Jealousy creeps up when you lose the feeling of belonging and safety.


Juno in Leo

Adoration, being the very best in partner’s eyes, courageous, strong-willed. You need to feel dignified in your relationship.

Jealousy arises when there is loss of creative self or authentic self and/or partner doesn’t seem to adore you enough.


Juno in Virgo

Bringing out the best, attention to detail, serving one another, perfecting one another

Jealousy theme comes up when things feel out of control and messy, or it feels there improvement isn’t focused on.


Juno in Libra

Beauty, charm, enjoyment, enjoying each other’s company, children may not be the focus, love at first sight

Jealousy happens when there’s a loss of social graces, loss of balance, loss of focus on the relationship.


Juno in Scorpio

Passion, sexual depths, intimacy, mysterious, magnetic, complete emergence into the relationship

Jealous when lack of focus on sexual connection. Can become secretive and/or manipulative.


Juno in Sagittarius

Philosophical connection, could want a partner with higher education accolades, partner could be very different from you. Travel. Need for freedom. Partnership must have room to breathe and no need to be together 24/7.

Jealousy triggered when you don’t have the freedom to express and explore.


Juno in Capricorn

Maturity, career focused, responsibility, structure, formality, stability.

Jealous when lose sight of self-authority and ambition, or partner doesn’t appreciate or respect your need for these things.


Juno in Aquarius

Freedom, independence, unconventional, intellectual connection

Jealousy themes when they lose sight of the big picture or feel confined.


Juno in Pisces

Sacrifice, rescue themes, chaser and chasee themes, fantasy, poetic, dreamy. You’re looking for the ideal fantasy “soulmate.” Relationship is an escape from “real life.” Psychic connection with partner.

Jealousy comes up when it feels like there isn’t a soul connection.

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  • I “recognised” the man I love when I first met him (this time). It fascinated me so I drew up our synastry and composite charts.

    Well, blow me over with a feather. His Vertex exactly conjuncts my North Node. I know we were fated to make a connection. But why? What is the karmic lesson?

    Opening our composite chart, I found our North Node there conjuncts perfectly with Chiron. There are both elements of pain and healing for us to charter through.

  • I found this looking for Vertex Square vertex in synastry, which reminded me of the ascendant conjunct descendant aspect in the synastry between my boyfriend and I. There was a link to this article about Juno. My juno, Mars and Lilith are all conjunct my ascendant. Is that why I’m an angry aggressive crazy bitter b*? All that is in my 1st house 😂 obviously the ascendant, 1st house Capricorn. Both are dead on for me BTW. Now, I’m nearly 40yrs old, I’ve been married 2x trying to get a 3rd I have 5 children with 4 different men. I haven’t read your twin flame article yet, but this man is for sure. His Mars is conjunct my sun, venus mercury and uranus in scorpio 11th house, his best friend is my ex boyfriend and my youngest child’s father. We had a kundalini event before we’d had sex, I literally felt his hands all over me I “saw” the snake energies above the bed intertwined like on the 2 of cups. I also created a character for the lover in a novel I was going to write, I saw him in my mind when I was creating the character, I didn’t know him at the time. But then a few years later my youngest son was named not after my character, but he was ish. The character had the placeholder name of Hunter. He was a witch hunter. My bf is Catholic, I’m not a witch per se, but definitely witchy. He has qualities that had pulled me into all of my relationships and I have qualities of his exes. Am I crazy?? I always knew that I was a twin flame not using the term but I knew I was a twin as a young teenager. I remember reading a sweet valley high book walking down the hallway and I stopped I said to myself “I’m a twin. How am I a twin my mom wouldn’t have split her kids up, she’d have told me that”. Oh and for shits n giggles I’ll add that he and I are Libra and Scorpio on the cusps opposite cusps and I’m 29° scorpio and he’s 2° libra. He doesn’t believe in twin flames or reincarnation, he’s catholic. He knows that he’s drawn to me and he can’t stop himself, it’s a craving.
    I’m trying to heal my abuse trauma 35yrs of abuse is a lot of trauma. I also lost custody of my children 3×...the oldest 2 @5 and 4yrs, the middle child was a baby adopted by my sister and my youngest 2 my loves my sweet boys are 7 and 3…i miss them. Every time it was circumstantial or I was being abused. I wasn’t on drugs my children were always safe and well taken care of. I think that I was given extremely difficult circumstances in life to deal with, and I am honestly done I can’t do it anymore. My twin flame was supposed to be the gift for all the abuse and trauma of my tragic life. There’s a lot of friction between us. He shut down from his trauma and he refuses to give me time, love affection or anything nice and sweet. He is convinced that I’m just like his exes and I’m lying to him and cheating on him with his best friend, my ex who’d been my best friend for 20yrs before we started dating. I am crazy aren’t I??


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