Gemini Full Moon – December 18-19, 2021 - Polaris and the Galactic Center

Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon – December 18-19, 2021


Here we are, at the final full moon of 2021. This Gemini Full Moon will occur at 27° and is bookended by the ancient festival of Saturnalia and Yule, the Winter Solstice.

If we were to look at the entire year and think of it as a lunar cycle, or lunation, the Winter Solstice would be the New Moon of the year. The rebirth of the Sun is and was celebrated by countless cultures and we are all tied to this cycle by the interconnectedness of life. Our DNA knows this and is tied to our ancestors whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

The lunation of Truth (Sagittarius/Gemini) will carry us over the threshold of the year’s “new moon.” At this Gemini Full Moon, the seeds of Truth that were sown on the Sagittarius New Moon have ripened. What has changed for you, I wonder? Truth is an interesting thing. Many believe there is one truth that only some agree on and all others are all ignorant and flailing in their blindness. Others feel truth is subjective and based on an individual’s “personal” truth. In both cases, cognitive dissonance, righteousness, and lack of empathy are common addictions and prevent even the slightest exploration of the nature of Truth.

Gemini likes to ask questions, explore, and ponder. Changing our minds is a Gemini thing and is often hamstrung by the pitfalls mentioned above.

With that in mind, isn’t is utterly divine and fascinating that this Full Moon is aligned with Polaris, the North Star.


Polaris, the North Star or "Lodestar", is in the constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. This star marks the celestial North Pole, or the point in space where the earth's axis intersects the Celestial Sphere. If you were to stand at the North Pole, you would witness Polaris directly overhead as a relatively fixed point, with all other stars seeming to orbit in a circular pattern. Polaris may be perceived as a focal point of condensed energy, reminding us of our connection with the greater cosmos.

This star has also been widely associated with Supreme Divinity, faithfulness, and perseverance. As a navigational star, a sailor must keep his eye on it and always keep his direction in mind. Passion, determination, and the ability to intake guidance are required here and are available to us all.

In India, Polaris is associated with Vishnu, the protector and preserver of the Universe. It is easier to persevere when we feel we are protected, isn’t it.

This star is associated with the last major arcana card, the World, indicating a completion of a great cycle. This is especially interesting when we consider this Full Moon is also conjunct Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation which is associated with the first major arcana card, the Fool, denoting a brand new cycle and fresh beginning.

I love how this all aligns. We have the support we need to cross the threshold into the new year and begin anew with the Sun.

This Full Moon is opposite the Galactic Center, where the Sun is holding court. This is the still point that commands the rotation of our star system and the 200-400 billion other star systems in our galaxy.

the galactic center

A common way to interpret the Galactic Center's position in the chart is that is indicates the “root” of the soul. It gives us a direct link to a flow of supreme consciousness.

In Vedic astrology, the Galactic Center falls in the Vedic Lunar Mansion, of Mula. Mula means "the Root" or "the Center". This deals with the awakening of the spirit and the ability to perceive the truest, most essential nature of things. How did ancient Indian astrologers connect this point in the sky to "the Center" when astronomically speaking, the Galactic Center is invisible? What many call “downloads” is a thing often associated with this potent point in our sky, so whenever it is prominent in an astrological event or in a natal chart, it is very important to pay attention to. It’s like an exclamation point on everything.

We also have a supportive sextile between this Full Moon and the asteroid goddess of discord, Eris, who is retrograde. Eris has a dual nature. She stirs the pot so we can get good and angry about things. When she is retrograde, we tend to turn that anger toward ourselves.

A sextile is a supportive opportunity and this one gives us the chance to notice where we do this and get to the root of it, with the support of the Galactic Center. Then we can use this aha moment to assist in how we navigate the new year ahead of us.

This will be much easier due to the gorgeous trine this Full Moon is making with Jupiter. This is such a positive, forgiving, and agreeable energy that is blessing this whole lunar culmination and will lend many blessings to any situations that require healing and closure.

That being said, last but certainly not least, this Gemini Full Moon will be in a tight quincunx with both Venus and Pluto who are conjunct. Venus will station retrograde a mere 6 hours from this full moon being exact, and will take us on a journey of healing, reconciliation, closure, and reevaluating our self-worth. Think of this as a call to “raise your prices” and is a metaphorical or literal bit of guidance.

Whenever Pluto is involved, it a time of reckoning and hidden things come to the surface. Bless each and every time this happens, because this IS the Lunation of Truth after all, and we all do better when we have clear vision, and a quality of heart that allows us to sleep soundly.

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