How to Interpret Your Personalized Transit Calendar

Yay you got your transit calendar! Now how the heck do you read it, right? I totally remember what is was like to look at all those glyphs and have no idea what they meant. So I'm here to shed some light on these mysterious symbols and to support you as you learn to use astrology. Okay, let's make some sense of all this.

Prince's Transit Calendar for July 2019

First things first. Right under the date is the Moon and what sign it is in on that day. The moon changes sign every couple days, so if there are 2 signs there, that means the moon starts the day in the first sign and moves into the 2nd sign by the end of the day.

Underneath that is the time of sunrise and sunset which is pretty self evident. Your calendar may or may not include this.

Now to the meat. This calendar is transit to natal. This means that the the first astrological object is the one that is contacting your natal or birth object (the 3rd glyph). The glyph in the middle is the astrological aspect and shows how the contact is being made. These aspects are shown in the 3rd column below.

astrology symbols and glyphs

This calendar only uses the first 5 aspects in the 3rd column, so rest easy. If you look at July 2 on Prince's calendar here, you'll see the Moon is in Cancer. Then the first transit happening for him on that day, if he was alive (sad face) would be Moon trine Neptune. So the Moon is forming a trine to his natal Neptune. Then you see the time this transit is happening. The moon orbits quickly so these lunar contacts are brief, but they can still be potently felt in the moment.

Some things that are not in the chart above:

As - Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Mc - Midheaven

Vx - Vertex, which is a potent point of destiny in the natal chart. One of my absolutely FAVORITE points to work with in relationship astrology and synastry.

The South Node is in the chart, but the calendar uses the North Node which looks like the same horseshoe shape but turned upside down... or like a pair of headphones. Pssst... your soul trajectory is calling...

Also, sometimes Pluto is depicted with just a P which is what this calendar uses.

The calendar also shows when the Sun or planets change sign or go retrograde. If you look on July 7th it shows the start time of the dreaded Mercury retrograde. It's really not so bad... just don't make any major decisions if you can help it. It's a time or revising, rethinking, returning to unfinished business, etc. The transits are always FOR you if you let them work their magic.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more helpful things and stuffs always of a mystical and galactic nature. xo


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