Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces

jupiter conjunct neptune in Pisces

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

First, let's talk a little about Pisces...

Pisces is the place where everything dissipates, loses form. There are no clear delineations where one person/thing/idea ends and another begins. This is where the observer observes the conscious mind. We are pulled out of ourselves into mother ocean where we are not sure of the boundaries of our wandering, but somehow know we are still a part of something magnificent. The real world becomes imaginary and the imaginary world becomes real.

The Moon card of the Major Arcana represents Pisces in the tarot. Here we are reminded of divine timing, how much our conscious mind doesn’t know, and how important it is to rely on instinct and what may not make logical sense.

The shadow of Pisces is escapism. This can manifest in various ways, but addiction, obsession, overdoing food, sleep, sex, and anything that can numb or distract from the emptiness of trying to make sense of this world without a spiritual lense. The sensitivity of Pisces energy often experiences life as harsh and jarring, as if it is not meant to exist in this physical world.

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Pisces MUST learn how to change how it sees the world. The ability to embody the observer is the medicine. Release, detachment, feeling without judgement as they absorb and behold all the magic and colors of existence. Spirituality and developing mystical relationships with spirit guides, gods and goddesses, nature, the universe, the Creator, ancestors support this merge of physical and non-physical that Pisces needs in order to feel like in can endure in this realm. Everything becomes spiritual and magnificent when viewed through the lens of Pisces mastery.

With both rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, smooching up this year, it is a rare event indeed. In fact, it is once in a lifetime. They meet up once in each zodiac sign about every 13 years, but they have not met up in Pisces since 1856 and will not again 2188.

The years that host this conjunction of these giants are marked by ground-breaking creativity, new artistic trends, deaths of huge public figures, technological leaps, and the rumblings of change across the globe. The effect seems to last for the entire year, or at least the months on either side of this conjunction.

Creative marvels like the movies Avatar and Titanic were released during Jupiter/Neptune conjunction years. The deaths of Michael Jackson, Indira Ghandi, and Princess Diana rocked the world during previous years that hosted this astrological event.

Swine flu, the Great Recession, the creation of Bitcoin, the Afganistan War, and Obama’s election all occurred during the last Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. All signaling big changes in our world.

In the months before the last time these giants met in Pisces, the stirrings of the Civil War were just beginning and a violent event known as “Bleeding Kansas” erupted over the practice of slavery.

So there are 2 ways to compartmentalize this event. There is the world stage realm and there is the personal realm and I invite you to see them both as separate energies and potentials. Of course they are interconnected, but the experience can be quite different in the 2 realms.

Often the shadow of Jupiter is ignored and certainly the devastating power of Neptune is usually also ignored. As the “Great Benefic” many astrologers dismiss the very important fact of the spectrum of light and shadow in EVERYTHING astrological. Jupiter does not get to be excluded here.

Jupiter expands everything. That expansion is not inherently positive or negative. The shadow of Jupiter is related to blind optimism, pretentiousness, bypassing the negative, over confidence, and over zealousness. The trick is that he usually makes us feel AMAZING, and that is great but sometimes it makes us act a fool. I’ve never felt better than when Jupiter was transiting in conjunction to my ascendant. If only life felt that way all the time!

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Neptune is often talked about only in beautiful ways as well. So dreamy, romantic, loving, and spiritual. Yes, okay, but at his essence, Neptune DISSOLVES. He dissipates. This can bring sweeping changes that often are difficult to experience, yet we’re grateful, wiser, and usually more spiritually connected afterwards. Neptune is directly related to our projections and how we get tricked, fooled, and led astray…often by our own hand. He is no joke of a teacher.

With these 2 in fusion, we have a world of possibility around how we might experience this… and well into the months to come.

Extreme creativity

Physical exhaustion

Expanding spirituality

Significant loss

Awareness of enslavement

Endings, floods, spiritual awakening

Increased awareness of non-physical realms

Psychic dreams and prophetic aha moments

Huge cons and burst bubbles

Expansion of our illusions

Faith in the unknown

Waves of bliss and hope

Emotional exhaustion and sadness

Expanding unconditional love

Becoming less reactionary

So, kinda a rollercoaster spectrum of experience and likely we will all feel a variety of these. Big changes within us and in our world, no doubt, will be continuing. This conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is ultimately a gift that will awaken us all more deeply right where we need it most. Let’s all have each other’s backs and support this divine, evolutionary change.

There is no “right” way to feel. If you are feeling devastated, don’t look away. It you are feeling amazing, it doesn’t mean you are more evolved.

On a different note, individuals who have this conjunction natally are super rare! These are creative and spiritual geniuses with an unusually far-sighted vision and a visceral need to travel, philosophize, spiritualize, and fantasize. The babies born during this conjunction will be very special beings with a message to give the world that will be right on time. Parents, take good care of these ones and never try to dilute this magical part of them.

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