Matrix-Womb, Ceres, Goes Retrograde

Asteroid Ceres, the nurturer, has been in Sagittarius since February 2019. She now goes retrograde from Sagittarius 14° to the critical degree Sagittarius 0° where she will go direct on July 18, 2019.
Ceres nurtures everything she touches. Her name is literally the root word for "cereal. " In the book Asteroid Goddesses, she is referred to as the "matrix-womb and umbilical cord" that transmits life-sustaining nourishment to the collective. Ceres' bond with her daughter, Persephone, was so powerful that it constituted as her primary relationship. Her grief over her daughter's abduction by Pluto as he sequestered her in the underworld was a major myth in the ancient world. So much so that reenactments of this drama were a part of ancient initiation rites for thousands of years.
In my work with relationship synastry and predictive astrology, I have found Ceres' influence to be incredibly supportive. Because she nurtures whatever she touches, a conjunction at the Sun/Moon midpoint, ruler of the 7th house, Vertex, or anti-Vertex can indicate an almost safe, protective bubble around these points. She feeds them, carefully protecting them so they can have a chance to see the light of day.
As with everything, there is a shadow side or pathology to this nurturing energy. Imagine the mother that wants to keep her kids at home forever, clinging too tightly, preventing their freedom of expression and experience, feeding them to death, literally and figuratively. Clinging and over-attachment causes suffering for all involved.
So, Ceres in Sagittarius is all about this freedom. Feed the kids their sandwiches and then let them back out to play in mud puddles. Better yet, fed yourself and then go on an adventure. When was the last time you took yourself out on a date?
This energy retrograde is simply this nurturance of freedom turned inward. Expansive philosophy, new mental frontiers, self-acceptance stemming from inner exploration. The house where Sagittarius holds court will give more clues to how this is affecting you specifically. No matter what, any attempts to be rigid, grasping, or clinging will cause suffering. It's time to let the umbilical cord flow without hindrance from us.

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