Moon "Void of Course" Meaning

Moon Void of Course Meaning

Moon Void of Course Meaning – What is it and How can it help me?

Maybe you’ve heard of this? There are technical astrology bits that follow and also the practical application of this information which is super easy! Yay! I love practical and easy.

The Moon changes signs approximately every 2 ½ days. After she makes her last Ptolemaic aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) before moving into the next sign, the Moon is then considered “void of course.” Sometimes you will see this shortened to VOC or VC.

On Sundays or Mondays I post the dates and times of VOC Moon for the coming week on social media. You can follow me on Facebook here and Instagram here

The late genius astrologer, Al H. Morrison spent 4 decades studying this ancient astrology method and effectively brought it to light for present-day astrologers. There are actually several different methods that exist to determine when the Moon is Void of Course, but the one used most often by astrologers these days is the one I described above.

What does this mean and how do we use this Moon Void of Course information?

This period of time where the subconscious rules can last minutes to hours.

In the spirit of allowing everything to have its season and working WITH the natural cycles, a Moon void of course is the perfect time to rest, retreat, meditate, play, and be creative. It is also a time when you can work on things you’ve already begun because it’s likely you will experience fewer interruptions.

This is not the best time to begin something new or to complete something. For example, if you had begun to write your thesis, continuing to work on it during a Void Moon would be fine. If you finish it, wait until the Moon moves into the next zodiac sign which is when the void period ends. Then check your thesis, edit, revise before FINALIZING it. Make sense?

This is a collectively experienced energy. People can feel spacey and out of touch with reality. New endeavors that are initiated during this time can be a huge time and energy drain later as they usually require much revising and redoing. The Moon doesn’t go retrograde, but this is kinda like that energy.

Of course we cannot control the planning of every single thing in life. If something is going down during a Void Moon and you have no control over it, don’t worry, just be prepared in case things go a little awry later. Kinda like when we HAVE to do things during Mercury Retrograde…we know we have to really read the fine print and check and re-check. All of these strategies are in alignment with working in accordance with the natural cycles, even when we’re prepared to re-do if needed.

I invite you to see how this feels for you. Tune in and get curious. Of all things related to life planning and astrology, this is one of the easiest to implement for success.


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