Neptune Sextile Pluto in the Natal Chart - Generations of Spiritual Warriors

Neptune Sextile Pluto in the Natal Chart

Neptune Sextile Pluto in the Natal Chart - Generations of Spiritual Warriors


Sometimes we have aspects in the sky that show up in the natal charts of generations of people. These are called inter-generational aspects and represent the seed of a major shift in the consciousness of humanity.

Beginning around 1944 and ending around 2035 with varying orbs, the Neptune sextile Pluto natal aspect is present in the charts of a huge amount of people. This is quite a hopeful thing considering what this sextile brings to the table. With it landing in the natal charts of nearly 3 generations, I feel excited by the possibilities and how these individuals may shape our future.

Many are fearful of Pluto, ruler of the underworld, transformation, and intense experience, but this harmonious sextile with Pluto is nothing to be afraid of. Neptune is not always an easy guy either (some think of Neptune as a feminine energy but I’ve always felt him as masculine) with his tendency to confuse and delude.

The key here is the sextile. A sextile is an energy that is harmonious within the individual, so much so that it may lie under the surface or seamlessly blend into the personality. This is especially nice with the natal Neptune Pluto sextile because it gives these individuals a natural leaning toward spiritual rebirth and awakening. This isn’t the type of awakening that comes from trauma or hard-knocks living, it is a natural understanding, an inner yearning for spiritual depth.

Spiritual depth can look like different things to different people and where these planets land in the houses of the natal chart will tell us how and where this energy will play out for the person.

The orb of the sextile matters and of course the tighter orb, the more pronounced this will be. I like 3° or less, personally, but there are DOZENS of exact sextiles over this inter-generational period of time. Even if a person doesn’t have the Neptune Pluto sextile in their natal chart, there will no doubt still be an influence due to this aspect landing in Solar returns, Venus returns, etc. for this time period.

So let’s flesh this out a bit more.

Neptune wants to spiritualize things. What he can’t spiritualize, he dissolves. Pluto wants to transform things. What won’t surrender to transformation, he drags to the underworld for a forced transformation. When we think of these actions in a positive, supportive way, we have a wonderful potential for revolutionary change.

Some characteristics these individuals may have could be:

-spiritual warrior energy

-deep and potent spiritual experiences

-can deconstruct religious dogma into universal truth

-a natural ability to challenge societal norms around sex

-intense sensitivity physically, emotionally, and sexually

-the ability to see the meaning behind traumatic events which can help them and others heal

-spiritual beliefs are based on universal love and compassion

-sex is a spiritual activity and sacred sexuality is easy and natural

-can see through things that have been hidden from humanity for a very long time

-there is a certain “knowing” that they were born with

-these are many of those in the Indigo and Blue Ray Soul Groups

As you can see, this energy is so very needed in the human collective and these souls are here anchoring it into our reality now. Imagine if everyone had these qualities, what a different world we would live in!

Do you have the Neptune Pluto sextile in your natal chart? Let's do a Natal Deep Dive and find out!

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  • I have a Yod
    Apex -Venus in Gemini
    -Neptune in Sagaterious
    -Pluto in Libra

  • I have the Neptune 0.7 degree Scorpio 9th house sextile Pluto 29.49 in the 7th. Orb 17 minutes. I denied and suppressed my warrior energy. (I grew up among the anti war sentiments of the Vietnam era in the USA) Now I have reclaimed my power, “I am a warrior for Peace.”

  • I do! Just started to try and figure out my starseed origin. And I do have Neptune sextile Pluto 2° in my natal chart.

  • I’ve just discovered your website as I complete my Galactic Astrology 101 course with Julia Balaz. The connection was Nihal (in Lepus). I have it conjunct my Lilith and NN. Also happen to be an Iron Hare in Chinese astrology!
    As regards this recording, I have the Neptune/Pluto sextile, both retrograde. Neptune 18.7 of Libra in the 3rd and Pluto 17.51 of Leo conjunct the Asc in the 12th.
    I’m very drawn to your Galactic Blueprint reading. Need to save up (!) but that’s definitely on my list…
    Delighted to have found you!

  • I have two yods:
    neptune in 1st house sextiled to pluto 10th house with a sun apex in gemini in 5th house; each 7degree orbs.

    North node in 8 degree Aries 3rd house sextiled to sun in 7 degrees Gemini and apex of Pluto in 7 degrees Scorpio.

    Also with 2 rectangles and a t-square.

    I have noticed in my 35 years that I have had a deep sense of knowing things but I mistaked the “knowing” for anxiety, I often wonder if I am too emotionally receptive so I mask to assimilate to others.
    I also have noticed a deep sense of wanting to belong, my internal differences have been easier to show as I have gotten older, meaning I have embraced it. I enjoyed your video and information.


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