October 2023 - Astro, Allies, and Ancestors - Eclipse Season Astrology and the Wheel of the Year

It's ECLIPSE SEASON, the month of the Final Harvest (Samhain), and the true beginning of the Dreamtime part of the year. In October 2023 - Astro, Allies, and Ancestors, I go over the major astrological events of the month including various tidbits of Vibrational and Harmonic Astrology, the Venus-ruled eclipses, and the movement of Pluto as he is visited by other planets in squares as he completes his retrograde cycle. I share the beings from the Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, and Mineral Kingdom that came forward to walk as allies with us through this powerfully transformational month. I share some stories from oral traditions including the legend of the Cherokee Corn Spirit Woman. We wrap up with October altar ideas and rituals that can deepen our experience and connection with the season. Join us in the discussion!

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