Scorpio New Moon - November 13, 2023 - An Urgent Message for Lightworkers

We made it through eclipse season, my friends. Well done!

This is the time where we can hone in on the power we wield together. This is us all as human kind and this is also the realms we don’t see… those that vibrate outside of our awareness… the accumulation of the collective power we wield as an individual in all of these other realms….

Everything has been preparing us for this moment. There was one message that needed to come through for this Scorpio New Moon. Have you cast your energetic vote and how are you using your gifts? And have you called your Congressmen? Senators? Governor?

The Chandra Symbol for this New Moon: A pair of glasses with no lenses in them. Brutally direct vision and will focused straight down the middle. An outrageously maverick sensibility, convinced that seeing it all just like it is, is the only way to go. Defiant of roles, masks, and secondary references. Hugely unimpressed by any form of privilege or specialness. Desperate to break through all barriers, to go for the jugular vein. Neither temperate nor balanced in any sense. In the path of bluntly insisting upon your right of way you encounter huge shadows, and you are sorely tempted to assume that they come from the others. But eventually, the hard way, the truth makes itself known that ornery self-righteousness casts its own formidable shadows, and each and every one of these lays a claim upon you, you cannot refuse. Only when the rage has turned to love do the karmic shadows disperse and bare existence then become a true place to be. Ellias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees.

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