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Some Uncomfortable Truth about the Lion’s Gate Portal

Some Uncomfortable Truth about the Lion’s Gate Portal

 roaring lion in space

It’s 8/8! Happy Lion’s Gate Portal! Except…. It’s not a thing. At least, not in the way you’re being told. Unfortunately, New Age and spiritual information is often simply a copy/paste situation with no individual thought or research applied, which I get! I am not trying to shame anyone here, just attempting to bring some truth.

The first clue is the dizzying variety of explanations of what actually happens on 8/8 the Lion’s Gate Portal. Sadly, these are thought to be reputable information sources for the most part. Any Google search will reveal this instantly.

 So let’s try a few:

 “Sirius aligns with the Sun on 8/8.”

No. Sirius is a fixed star and is located at Cancer 14°. This alignment with the Sun and Sirius happened on July 5. Today on 8/8/2020, the Sun is at Leo 16°.

 “Orion’s Belt aligns perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza on 8/8 the Lion’s Gate Portal.”

No. Those photos you see are Photoshopped and have actually been used for various misleading astrological alignments for years. You’ve seen Orion’s Belt, right? It doesn’t get all up in our faces like that. It also rises vertically over the pyramids, not horizontally like it would need to in order to be on top of the pyramids like that.

sirius and orion's belt


“The Earth lines up with Sirius.”

Honestly I don’t even know what to say about this one. The Earth and Sirius are pretty much always “lined up” in the same way.

 “This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza.”

No. When Sirius rises, Orion’s Belt is above it and is vertical as described above.

 “The Earth aligns with Sirius and the Great Central Sun.”

This one is a little tricky. By “Great Central Sun” I assume the Galactic Center is what is being referred to, except the Galactic Center is located at Sagittarius 27° give or take a degree or 2. So that can’t be right. Maybe they mean the Super Galactic Center, except that is located at Libra 1° give or take, so that can’t be it either. Some may be calling Sirius the Great Central Sun… where that is astronomically inaccurate, many experience a profound spiritual connection with Sirius and the solar beings believed to be doing great work there.

 “8/8 the Lion’s Gateway was a sacred time for the ancient Egyptians.”

I think we all understand that the calendar system in ancient Egypt was not the Gregorian calendar we use today.

Hopefully by now you can see this is all problematic… and disappointing. I’m so sorry to be showing up as your Lion’s Gate wet blanket. There is a truth underneath all this confusion though!

The heliacal rising of Sirius is actually the thing.

In ancient Egypt, the return of Sirius to the dawn sky was a time of rebirth, fertility, and celebration. After 70 days traveling the underworld, Sirius appeared in the dawn sky and marked the expected flooding of the Nile which deposited silt on the farmlands and assured another season of abundant crops.

In 3000 BC this happened in mid-July. This year (2020) it happened on August 3rd in Cairo. In the US it will happen around August 13th. It varies according to latitude.

Yes it’s called a “portal” or a “gateway” and perhaps that reflects this time period somewhat. The specialness of 8/8 is simply in the numbers, and maybe the attempt to connect these things together. But it has nothing to do with ancient Egypt and is actually a pretty recent addition to the "new age" scene.

Now let me offer some spiritual hygiene advice. I highly discourage “reaching out” to star beings or non-physical beings in a casual way during this period of time and all periods of time. You are always safe within your own oversoul. This contains all of your Spirit Council and everything that is for your highest and best, most benevolent path is contained within. Your spiritual juice is precious. Guard it wisely. Using your energy for good in the world is always appropriate and needed on 8/8 and every day.

In closing, this information is not meant to shame anyone for celebrating and having ceremony on 8/8. I did it too! I did it even knowing the astrology and astronomy didn't make sense. This is shared in the spirit of discernment, and to honor those who perhaps felt intuitively that something wasn't right as they read all the different information about this day. If you enjoy the Lion's Gate Portal 8/8, that's totally fine, do you! But now you know some truth about it and that's all I want.

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