Sun Sextile Chiron

Sun Sextile Chiron


Sun sextile Chiron 


Whenever Chiron and the Sun are interacting, it’s always about our identity and any wounds of rejection we carry. With the perfection of a sextile, we are supported and given an opportunity to step into a more integrated self. This sextile occurs about 4 times a year.

This isn’t about being “healed.” It’s about no longer rejecting ourselves or holding ourselves hostage and denying our own self-love until we heal/accomplish/become whatever story we’re buying into about who we SHOULD be.

Healing can swiftly become a road to bypassing and seeking worth via worldly and cultural standards. Eff that noise. Be broken and filled with radical self-love.

If you meditate, I have found Chiron, as an archetype/being/entity/energy, to be particularly enthused about coming to play in the realms. Invite him to tea and see what happens.

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