Synastry Aspects for Soulmates - Moon Conjunct Descendant & Moon Opposite Ascendant

synastry aspects for soulmates - moon conjunct descendant

Synastry Aspects for Soulmates - Moon Conjunct Descendant & Moon Opposite Ascendant

First things first. This series “Synastry Aspects for Soulmates” is not intended to be a list of synastry aspects that indicate your relationship is a soulmate, twin flame, karmic, or other type of relationship label. My intention for this series is to discuss certain synastry aspects that have a particular punch and tend to be present in relationships that are really impactful.

My definition of “soulmate” in this situation is simply, an impactful relationship, and can be a romantic, platonic, or family relationship.

That being said, let’s get to the good stuff.

Having conjunctions with the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the Ascendant/Descendant axis is one of the more common types of synastry aspects I see in deeply bonded romantic relationships and married couples. This of course is only one aspect in charts full of astrological energies, and doesn’t mean your relationship is destined to last forever, but the impact of this synastry aspect remains powerful.

This makes total sense when we think about the fact that the AC/DC axis is the magnetic axis and is utterly involved in how we relate to ourselves in relation to others.

The descendant is often thought to be the most important place in the chart that indicates “the partner.” In my experience, it is much more complex and deeper than that, but it does represent the exact place in the natal chart where we begin to turn our energies from the private world to the world “out there” and it is absolutely related to “others.”

It shows us a type of polarity and it shows, at the moment of our birth, the opposite point of the horizon and clearly separates day and night as an idea or a metaphor. This divine polarity is a beautiful metaphor for partnering and relating to others.

It shows us the parts of ourselves that we struggle to love but are attracted to in others, and isn’t this one of the foundations of love and the polarity of magnetic attraction.

When the Moon conjuncts the Descendant in synastry, a number of things happen. One is that the Descendant person can’t help but see the Moon person as a potential partner, assuming this is a romantic connection.

The Moon person brings the potential of healing any self-rejection in the Descendant person and has a natural compassion and affinity for the places that feel “broken.” Let me say that we are all broken and perfect at the same time, so this is not a judgement. They are emotionally present and welcoming in ways that make vulnerability and bonding easier.

To clarify, it isn’t so much that the Moon person can heal the Descendant person, but more like the Descendant person can heal themselves in the caring, comforting, and accepting environment the Moon person creates in the relationship.

The Moon person often feels they have a purpose when they are in relationships with this aspect and it does give them a certain level of responsibility because if they react negatively, reject, or criticize the Descendant person, and it involves one of the childhood or karmic wounds, the pain experienced can be devastating. Responsibility is always present in these potent bonds and the power to harm or heal is powerful.

This may all be subconscious, especially since we’re talking about the Moon which is representative of the inner world, our moods, and receptive nature.

The Descendant also tells us the qualities we are attracted to in a partner. This does not mean the literal zodiac sign has to be the same, but it does mean the QUALITIES of the sign are what the Descendant person is naturally attracted to. This can show up as zodiac signs, axes, or packed houses related to the signs and planetary energies of the Descendant.

So here you can see how the Moon conjunct the Descendant can create an instinctual gravitational pull between 2 people. There is a natural compatibility that is deeply emotional and natural.

It’s also worth noting that everything I’ve said about how each person experiences this synastry aspect can be mutual or even reversed, although the reversal is likely due to other synastry aspects that would enhance that experience.


  • I have a v similar aspect to Kate in the comments, his Pluto on my ascendant opposite his moon on my descendant. Feels like a very strong pull on both sides.

  • I wonder how the sun conjunct Dec affects if the sun falls at the end of the 6th house not in the 7th? Opposing my natal Pluto which conjunct his asc

  • Excellent post! Thank you!

  • Amazing, thank you!


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