The Deep Magic of Mercury Retrograde

the magic of mercury retrograde

The Deep Magic of Mercury Retrograde


I'm on a mission to divinitize Mercury Retrograde. We've been overlooking the deep esoteric magic of this event for far too long.

It's true there are some rules for real life I follow when Mercury is retrograde and they are pretty simple.


- I don't buy anything electronic or technological if I can help it.

- I don't buy anything expensive if I can help it.

- I don't make any major new agreements, decisions, or sign any papers if I can help it.

- I adjust my expectations of myself and others to make room for miscommunications and misunderstandings.


If I HAVE to do any of these things, I do all I can to create safeguards and safety nets for the inevitable re-doing, returning, etc. that will need to be handled down the road. Buy that protection plan, for instance. Leave yourself loopholes.

Now for the magic!

I love to get real nerdy about Mercury. As the closest planet to our Sun, Mercury exists in a unique area where time-space is literally warped due to the gravity of the Sun. So, as a physical planet, he is literally traveling into unknown realms, back and forth between realities. Here’s some science about this and how Einstein figured this out.


The beings/gods Thoth the Atlantean and Odin, the Norse All-Father, are associated and deeply connected to Mercury. Both of these figures are “travelers” who are known to transmit, receive, and deliver information from the underworld, the “otherworlds”, and from the mysterious multi-dimensional realms beyond the veil.


When Mercury is retrograde, we are all freed of linear-ness in the way we receive and process information. This mental freedom naturally makes us more connected to our intuition. Many times we don’t realize this is happening because it’s difficult to verbalize, but it’s a mistake to think that an experience has to be described in human words in order to be real. This makes Mercury Retrograde a prime time to practice mediumship, shamanic, and folk traditions that teach all human beings’ inherent and natural psychic abilities, and makes it a perfect time to connect with Thoth, Odin, and all the helpers and guides who are with us every day and even to make requests for certain information to be delivered to us.


Through the ancient practices of ritual, creating altars, and making offerings we can connect with this deep magic and allow it to work for us. This doesn’t have to be elaborate or daunting. Using the energy of air in this process can be easy to incorporate through offerings of incense and sacred smoke. Simple altars featuring feathers, bird imagery, the Magician tarot card, or crystals such as fulgurite, kyanite, celestite, hematite, any blue, metallic, or clear crystal… or any stone you feel drawn to, as well as any kind of wind charm are perfect additions. Simply writing down your request and burning it is a great way to connect.

feather ritual


Pro tip: Ask that messages or information come to you in ways you cannot deny or diminish rationally.

Creating a gifting cycle with the gods, goddesses, elementals, and all of creation is a practice I recommend to everyone anyway. The simple act of inviting magic into our lives brings rewards only known by those who are devoted to this practice.

I always say, there is no limit to the lengths the divine will go to in order to communicate once we show we are committed to the relationship. It will blow your mind in the most delicious, life-affirming way.

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