The Smoldering Drama of our Collective Now - Energy Report 9/21/20


By now, we’re all quite accustomed to the sensation of our inner smoldering. Isn’t it funny how it doesn’t become more comfortable over time?

This morning I awoke with dog kisses from upsetting dreams only to read a string of social media posts reflecting the collective and inner smoldering of our times. To add to it, a literal early morning fire took two lives at a local plant a couple miles from my home, and fires continue to rage in western US. We are burning, my friends, in all the ways.

The sensation is often the feeling of impending spontaneous combustion, sometimes it feels that I’ve been doused with water and am smoking, ash flying, yet the smoldering continues where the water couldn’t reach the core of the fire.

As a metaphysician, I look beyond the obvious for guidance, explanation, and answers. I look to the sky, to the spirits, to the cards, to my higher and deeper knowing.

Today, as always, the story is there. For me, this offers a comfort and soothing moment to breathe, because I know we are not alone and we are feeling and experience what is there to feel and experience.

So what the heck, Ananda.

Well, today we have the moon coming in conjunction with Pele. Emotional smoldering. They are in a tense aspect with Mean Lilith and Mars who are both retrograde and are really wanting to charge ahead and create some stability by showing they’ve made some sacrifices/compromises… but have they really? The trust isn’t there.

True Lilith is touching in with Chiron at this same moment and adding the painful flavor of what it feels like for your true nature to be rejected. The pain of HAVING to water yourself down. The smoldering under the dousing of water.

We also have a couple yods aka Fingers of God going on. One involving the M-Lilith/Mars conjunction and one involving Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus as the apex.

This yod has Jupiter and Neptune really wanting to work together to create the ultimate happiness (3 of Pentacles and 9-10 of Cups), but Venus (who is also conjunct Vesta, the keeper of the sacred temple flame) is in transition from feeling (and being) victorious to being in a defensive stance…ready to fight and feeling pretty darn justified in whatever she has to do to regain that victory she thought she had locked in.

This yod, will be in play until September 26, 2020.

This is where I don’t really have any advice as we all are having our individual experience within this smoldering drama. Practical things would be to limit social media and news intake, yes, but we already know that. Maybe some awareness around our need for drama and stimulation, but we know that too deep down.

I’m with you in the fire and it’s an honor to be alive at this time as uncomfortable as it is. And I love you.

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