Uranus Retrograde - Natal and Transit

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus Retrograde - Natal and Transit

The discovery of Uranus in 1781, by astronomer William Herschel, rocked the scientific community. Up until this mind-expanding discovery, it was believed that Saturn was the last planet in our solar system. Saturn is the last of the planets that are visible with the naked eye, so the discovery of Uranus served as a massive mind-opening event.

As astrologers now know, this is all in perfect design with what Uranus brings and teaches. He is the Great Awakener, the sacred rebel, and transcends any and all social programming, and we must open our minds in order to greet him properly.

Uranus was named after the Greek God of the sky whose divine feminine counterpart was Gaia. Because mythology is weird, Uranus was also the son of Gaia, via parthenogenesis. The rebellion against social norms is ever present.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and individuality and serves us by breaking the chains of whatever prison we’re in. He will stop at nothing to serve up revolution on both collective and personal levels. The things is, we rarely see it coming. He’s unpredictable at his core.

He is like Venus in his unusual rotation as they both rotate “backwards” in relation to the other planets, but Uranus takes it one step further in his individuality as he rotates both backwards and on his side.

Uranus has rings which is like a pie in the face of Saturn who must’ve thought his crown of rings made him the ultimate monarch of the solar system. I can imagine Uranus lying on his side cheekily, poking fun at Saturn for his hubris. “S’up, Saturn? How’s your crown?” LOL

So what does it mean when Uranus is retrograde in the natal chart?

Uranus cares not for manners and niceties. Where he lies in the natal chart shows us where the whispers of rebellion lie in each of us.

If he is retrograde in the natal chart, the individual may appear to be a normie, conventional sort, but inwardly has the gears of a rebellious genius as they mentally are free from societal “truth.” There is often a rich and perhaps eccentric fantasy life where their consciousness wanders the edges of where others conform. This is a mind that is free, yet outward expression of that freedom may be a challenge.

As with all things related to living in a consciously aware matter and using astrology as a guide, AWARENESS is key. So with that in mind, these are some questions or journal prompts for a person with natal Uranus retrograde to consider and for us all to consider when transiting Uranus is retrograde:

Where in my life can I safely rebel against the norm?

How do I know if I am to conform or break out into my own authentic expression?

How can I tell if information is misleading or truthful?

How can I my mental freedom manifest into my life in a real way?

Which figures of authority do I trust and which would I offend if I was speaking truthfully?

 What does it mean when transiting Uranus is retrograde?

When transiting Uranus is retrograde in the sky, much of what is true for a person with natal retrograde becomes true for the human collective.

Uranus spends approximately 5-6 months out of every 12 retrograde, so it’s about half the time. I find this to be interesting because the challenges we all face when it comes to expressing our individuality, our authenticity, and to advocate for our free existence (which is a universal law) is always and has always been present in the collective consciousness. The periods of time when Uranus is retrograde can create a simmering frustration in the collective as we turn our desire to be free inward and upward toward our minds where it can both fester AND forge new pathways that we can follow once he goes direct.

The days that Uranus stations, both when he is going retrograde AND when he stations to go direct (stationing is when a planet stops and pauses before it changes direction) are days to really pay attention to because these are the days we tend to really feel it and shocking events tend to play out on the world stage or even in our personal lives.

Uranus Retrograde Dates


Retrograde -  August 21, 2021 – January 18, 2022


Retrograde - August 24, 2022 - January 23, 2023

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