What is a Natal Tarotscope?

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What is a Natal Tarotscope?


Just like in every other realm of new agery (I just make up words sometimes) and spiritual woo stuff, sometimes we use words that mean different things to different people. With this in mind, I figured it might help if I explained a little bit about what type of information you can expect when you get a Natal Tarotscope Reading with me.

You may already be familiar with how Astrology and Tarot are connected. There are cards representing each sign of the zodiac and cards representing each of the planets. Lucky for this 3rd decan Virgo who loves to make high quality magic from details, there’s a whole lot more. There are tarot cards that represent the energy contained in each of the 3 decans of each sign of the zodiac. This means that your birth chart (natal chart) can be read using these cards. These cards are not intuitively drawn but are indicated by the placement of your unique planets and astrological points. Their flavor changes depending on how they interact with the other cards in your chart in astrological ways.

So in other words, it’s another way to gain deep insight into your magical, mystical make-up. We’ll start the session by looking deeply at your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant through the eyes of the specific tarot cards indicated by your chart. From there we will explore topics and energies that come up as the session flows organically.

To snag one of these readings for yourself, head over here and choose Tarotscope from the drop-down menu. xo


  • Hi Kristina – I am a western astrologer and use the Tropical Zodiac and Draconic depending on what my client’s needs are. Yes humans are super messy and complex while animals are so simple and true to themselves. I hear you.

    Ananda (Galactic Mystic)
  • Do you use tropical western or vedic astrology because I am pisces sun vedic and aries tropical western. Just wondering.
    My life has been a challenge from family dysfunction to emapthic intuitive. Even strangers approach me to tell me their entire life story. I have never fit in anywhere and struggle with bouts of loneliness. Soooo, perhaps a reading could shed light on something offering me a clue as to why I am here? I sort of know why but people are a mess while animals are much easier to deal with lol.


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