Past Life Astrology Reading

Past Life Astrology Reading

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When I look at your natal (birth) chart, I see layers of information. In one of these layers I find encoded information about the emotional karmic residue that your soul has brought forth into this life for healing.

This chart within your natal chart follows different rules for interpretation. Within these sacred codes I find an energetic, karmic story that begs to be understood, accepted, integrated, and therefore balanced and healed within.

It will resonate deeply with truth. You will feel seen and understood. Often you will find the source of certain characteristics and qualities you possess in this life that you struggle to accept or understand.

This Past Life Astrology Reading will offer practical information about how your soul wishes to balance your soul's experiences, all in a loving, non-judgemental way.

You will not be told that you were King Alfred of Wessex in the year 848 or anything of the sort. The specifics of your identity/identities are not necessary, but the STORY, energy, and karma are.

This is the work you are here to do, make no mistake, and it is my honor to offer this reading fro my heart to yours.

Often this information can come up in a Natal Deep Dive but this Past Life Astrology Reading is what you should choose if you wish to really focus.

This is a 45 minute live reading via Zoom. You will have access to the recording of your session that you can download if you wish.



This is better than therapy! - C. Emil

I feel such relief after our session. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts in this way. - Alanna Kortine

If everyone knew these things, I swear it would be a revolution of dramatic proportions!!!! Thank you!!! I'm healing through laughter and tears. - S. Brekin