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Relationship Synastry Reading - Astrology and Tarot

Relationship Synastry Reading - Astrology and Tarot

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It is my pleasure and honor to work with you in understanding the inherent energies and themes of your relationship according to synastry and composite chart astrology. This will be tailored according to your specific situation and tarot can be incorporated when needed for clarity.

Some themes that can come up are:

  • karmic connections
  • past life energies
  • passion, attraction, and sexuality
  • areas of growth and challenge
  • transits affecting the relationship
  • the unique needs of your relationship
  • tailored strategies for conscious partnering

The live reading via video chat or phone is 75 min long and will be recorded for you so you can refer back to it whenever you like.

>>NEW<< I am now offering the "Quicky Synastry" Reading! This is a mini email reading for those who have specific questions or just want me to put eyes on their synastry charts to assess the most prominent energies or answer specific questions.

After purchase, you will be contacted for scheduling and birth info for both partners. This is one of my favorite types of readings to do, so my passion and joy are with you.

I have many synastry videos on my YouTube Channel. You can check it out here.