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Personal Channeled Message - FREE

Personal Channeled Message - FREE

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In these extraordinarily potent times, I've been called to offer a personalized channeled message for free (love offerings accepted). This message will be sent to the email you give me in the order it was received.

These are not bulk created messages and you get whatever the message is for that day, no. This is me tuning into your individual energy and using my skills to translate a personalized message for you in accordance with what you need to know at this time in accordance with your highest, most joyful, most benevolent sacred path.

Divine perfect timing is a thing, so even if it takes a while to receive your message, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be the perfect message at the perfect time.

My purpose in offering this at no cost (endless gratitude for any and all love offerings!) is simple. I want to serve more.

Yes I am an entrepreneur, but I am also a minister and I believe these parts of me can and do exist in harmony.

I will likely not offer this forever and will do so only as I find ease in the service.

Messages will vary in length but will usually be a few sentences to a paragraph. You do not need to give me any information. I don't need your birth information as this is not an astrology reading. I will not be answering specific questions. This is a channeled message special for you with the intention of offering the message you need the most at this time.


"This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for your warmth and care!" -Katey

"Wow so spot on! Perfect confirmation!" -anonymous

"How tf did you know this is what I needed to hear?! Thank you!!!!" -Amber

"Very needed and resonant. Thank you!" - I.C.

"I keep re-reading these words and find more layers to the message. It touched my heart and I am so grateful." - A.B.

"I sooooooo needed to hear this today, you have no idea!" - C.H.