The Saturn Reading

The Saturn Reading

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Saturn is one of the keepers of our sacred wounds. It's karmic, oh yes! Let's take a look at what he is asking of you.

In this 45 minute live session we will look at your natal Saturn placement and degree energies that hold clues for what your soul wishes to bring to the light of your consciousness at this time as well as any Saturn transits you may be experiencing, as time allows and in accordance with your session goals.

Working intimately with Saturn can help us understand the patterns of struggle in our lives and clarify what we can actually DO in order to walk with more reciprocity. Our inner compass can get skewed from unconscious trauma from this life or a previous one and in this reading we will take a hard look at the threads you're weaving.

Prepare to be seen, heard, and divinely witnessed as we explore your karmic harvest.

This is a live reading via Zoom. You will have access to the recording of your session that you can download if you wish.

Please feel free to email me with questions about this reading.

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