Asteroids in Synastry - Asteroid DNA in Synastry and Composite Charts

Asteroid DNA

Asteroids in Synastry - Asteroid DNA in Synastry and Composite Charts

I just love it when I discover something exciting and profound, such as the asteroid DNA in synastry and relationship astrology. The asteroid DNA is not particularly well known as far as I can tell. I have used it for a long time in some of my proprietary methods of decoding some of the hidden stories in our natal charts as used in the Galactic Blueprint Reading.

This discovery, like so many of the most profound discoveries, happened by accident. What I found as I dove deeper drew me into a state of reverence and wonder in the face of these uniquely bonded love relationships.

The information about the asteroid DNA that is currently available focuses on either our individual DNA, IQ, inherited traits and natural gifts or the qualities our children may have according to this asteroid sign and placement in the natal chart.

Yet, I have found it serving an entirely different purpose when it is prominent in synastry and composite charts. Over the years of using this asteroid in synastry readings and the subsequent research that I dove into, while undeniably important and descriptive of an entirely different type of bond, I often find myself at a loss for words to describe the type of bond indicated when the DNA asteroid contacts certain points. I have found there are patterns and certain placements that are most common as an indicator of this unique type of bond.

I invite you to expand your mind about what it may mean to essentially “share DNA” with your partner. This has nothing to do with literally sharing DNA and much more about the unique bond that occurs in divine union... and I’m using the term “divine union” loosely because the asteroid DNA in certain placements seems to indicate a connection different than divine union yet utterly inclusive of it. This is deeper than the intensity of the bonds indicated by axis conjunctions. This is beyond the “true love” indicated by asteroids Eros and Psyche in conjunction. It is something I remain in awe of and without appropriate words to describe, yet I offer you this proprietary information nonetheless.

Look for asteroid DNA (55555) (and yes there’s much more to say about this asteroid even down to this numerology. In short, there is a hint about the impactful transformation these relationships have on the individuals and that there is a sacred choice involved in unlocking the gifts) in close conjunction (within 3 degrees) of the ascendant, descendant, midheaven, and imum coeli, Sun, and Moon in synastry and in the composite. Note that in Navigational Astrology, the preferred method do create a composite chart is using the location of first in-person meeting with the midheaven midpoint.

I am providing chart examples of some celebrity couples, and it’s interesting to note that in all these examples, these couples have been together for quite a long time.

In my practice I find that to also be true most of the time where the 2 have been in each other’s lives in powerful ways for quite a while and the distinctly different energy this type of relationship astrology aspect brings to the love and romance table is consistent in how the individuals describe their relationship and bond. It is important to note that in 100% of the cases, my "rules of the synastry of impactful relationships" are also present in the synastry charts. To see some example charts please refer to the video at the bottom of the page.

Jay-Z DNA conjunct Beyonce AC

Linda McCartney DNA conjunct Paul McCartney DC

Sting DNA conjunct Trudie Sun

Katharine Hepburn DNA conjunct Spencer Tracy IC / composite DNA conjunct composite moon and DC

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown DNA conjunct composite AC

Trump Donald and Melania Composite DNA conjunct AC



  • I have my DNA conjunct exactly someone else’s DNA. I have no clue what this could mean. It is not a love interest. It is a deceased woman.

  • I just met a man online and we have a double whammy DNA conjunct each other’s Suns. The magnetic pull is profoundly felt by each of us. Have yet to see where this may go, as it’s so soon and were separated right now by thousands of miles. It is definitely the strongest pull I’ve ever felt with anyone and it feels in some ways that we’re 2 peas in a pod.

  • Synastry: (my) DNA conjunct (his) moon.
    Composite using MC midpoint & reference point of meeting place: DNA conjunct IC.
    Composite IC conjunct DNA is at 29° Pisces, which is the exact degree of his natal moon.

    Help me.


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