Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn - Re-Coding What has been Forgotten

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

When our good friend and traveler, Mercury, is retrograde in our Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn, we have a unique opportunity to tap into energy that supports an unwinding, re-coding, or renegotiation of some our most stubborn and dense inner material.

While I am writing this in December of 2023, before a retrograde transit of Mercury in Capricorn, this reflection is relevant to an extent for people who have natal Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, it would just require a bit of a perspective shift when we’re talking about living with this energy every day. Come see me if you have this and would like to discuss.

Mercury is a unique being in many regards. One thing to keep in mind is that their relationship with the Logos of our solar system, the Sun, is deeply complex and magical. Mercury is often pigeon-holed as an intellectual, while the truth is that they are highly mystical and it is Mercury’s nature to travel in between realms. Mercury is a journeyer in the most spiritual and esoteric sense. The physicality of Mercury exists in such close relationship with the Sun’s gravity that time and space are distorted. Literal time travel. Realm hopping.

In this article I discuss the pure and unadulterated magic of Mercury Retrograde in general.

Another thing to keep in mind is that without Mercury, there are no agreements on anything. There are no contracts, including “soul contracts.” Mercury must be present for these to exist. So anytime Mercury is retrograde, we have an opportunity to renegotiate. I do mean that in a real world way that is practical, but also in a much deeper and mysterious way that people who walk the realms themselves will understand.

So, with the teacher Mercury, in the classroom of Capricorn, we have a particular theme that I’m sure you’ve heard… hiccups or challenges in the areas of our careers, our reputations, our highest potential, as well as with the structures of our lives, the control mechanisms, the patriarchy, our legacy, etc.

All of that is in play, sure, but I want to bring in a juicier concept about how we can work with this energy intentionally.

Capricorn is much more that what pop astrology would say. In order to truly understand this cardinal earth sign, we much know that it rules the cold, dark earth. Caves, ancient and forgotten things. The gravity of this realm and what holds us here. Karma, and what we feel we have been denied but is also our responsibility to BE. The energy of the tectonic plates pushing against each other to create mountains and the energy of avalanches. As well as the silence of the inner caverns of our planet.

If you were to personalize these things and connect some dots within, what might be your most forgotten inner cavern? What material has sat in an ancient cave of your soul that could be revealed by the metaphoric movement of your tectonic plates?

What immovable stuck place in your heart and soul could use a new arrangement?

What do you desire to be revealed?

With the blessing of a grand re-do, we can set an intention for what we need to see to be revealed in order to renegotiate. We carry agreements and vows that we don’t necessarily have awareness of. Vows of poverty, martyrdom, chastity, sacrifice, even what we eat in this life can be connected to past vows of asceticism.

Even contracts of connection, visibility, and our purpose can come to a place where we know we want something different. We may not necessarily know where some of these ties that bind come from and we don’t always need to know… but if we can FEEL it, then we can renegotiate for new conditions.

That’s all fine and good, you may be thinking, but what do I DO??? HOW do we renegotiate and shake up this dense material within?

One sure-fire way to work with these concepts during Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is to dive into your natal Saturn. To make it easier (as if any of this is easy LOL) let’s ignore house placement and focus on the sign of your natal Saturn. If we allow ourselves to embody the sign of our Saturn to the degree that is possible for us… that’s a HUGE start.

This is where one of our Sacred Wounds lives and Saturn is the guardian. By giving ourselves permission to BE our Saturn in the highest spectrum of its energy, we are automatically re-coding some of our forgotten and buried inner material.

This is the good work. I can help if you’d like support. xx

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