Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse - December 3-4, 2021

sagittarius new moon solar eclipse - rastaban

Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse - December 3-4, 2021


We have arrived at the final eclipse of 2021. Friends, an acceleration is at hand.

Neptune stationing direct and marching toward another exact opposition with the United States natal Neptune has us facing the big Neptunian issues of all things liquid and water, illusions, smoke and mirrors, delusions, unconditional love, endings, and the spiritualization of what we cannot understand.

For the US, especially, things will begin to move faster and many changes are coming. The US Pluto Return is ever closer and everyone will begin to see that the “return to normal” is the biggest illusion of them all. Mourning will be extensive and is utterly appropriate.

While I am not a financial advisor nor a financial astrologer, I do see great potential for a stock market “crash” coinciding somewhere around the US Pluto Return in February 2022. The extent of this, I cannot say, but I see cryptocurrencies and gold and silver rising afterward. Please see the image for a visual of this.

pluto return stock market crash

This New Moon begins the Lunation of the Lessons of Truth. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is the Axis of Truth in Navigational Astrology and encompasses all things on that spectrum from the truth being slippery to the truth being a righteous crusade to the truth being the ultimate TRUTH of truths. Blindness and hubris are always potential dangers when dealing with this energy, and we have been marinating in it for the last year and some months while the Nodal Axis has been in Gemini and Sagittarius… we are closing this cycle out and it gets more intense at the end. So here we are.

Know that eclipses are portals of energy that last for 6 months beyond the date they occur. So basically each eclipse season is in effect until the next one takes over. Think of a relay race where the baton is handed off. So what we are beginning now is not just a blip in time. This is a longer game. Longer than many of us realize or wish to be true.

Okay. So a Sagittarius New Moon asks us to plant new seeds of what we KNOW to be true. We are asked to have the vision of the eagle and to be idealistic. What if it could work out so much better than you can even begin to imagine? Can we hold our vision without knowing the details? Can we keep the faith?

Commerce, law, banks, religion, philosophy, education, and the larger bodies involved with all these things are in place for a RESET. Considering what is going on in our world, it’s easy to imagine that BIG changes in these realms could actually be on the horizon over the next 6 months and beyond. Utterly, it must be so!

There is a fated element to this New Moon Eclipse as it is conjunct the mysterious Great Attractor and is EXACTLY conjunct the United States Ascendant. This is how the country is seen, how it responds, and this all screams of these aspects of the US having a touch of fate naturally AND that is being lit up and activated by this lunation. This is the same place Pluto was on 9/11 with Saturn opposing.

When the Great Attractor is involved there is often a tractor beam type of inertia that, once set in motion, is difficult to escape for good or ill. Also that it may not be obvious which it is at first sight. One thing remains is that with the Great Attractor, the events utterly lead us to a place of destiny that was always going to happen and is deeply involved in NEW types of healing, teaching, leading, philosophies, and LEADERS especially.

This eclipse is deeply connected to the divine justice of the LAND. Echoes of Atlantis and corruption, abrupt changes, and the desire to fight for and protect the vulnerable are stirring.

This eclipse is exactly conjunct fixed star Rastaban which is one of the Dragon’s Eyes in the Draco Constellation. Mystical insight and wisdom, the vision of the shaman, and fearsome perception are available.

Rastaban Fixed Star of the Draco Constellation

In ancient Arabia, the Draco Constellation was known as the “Mother Camels” and was seen as a group of mother camels protecting their young from attacking hyenas. The star Rastaban was one of the mother camels in this instance.

The ancient Egyptians associated this constellation with the hippopotamus-headed goddess, Tawaret, who was the great protector goddess of childbirth and pregnancy. So we can see this theme of the natural, protective instinct of the mother and ultimately of nature herself.

Tawaret Egyptian Goddess

It was later that Draco was associated with serpentine monsters, evil, and the fall of man via Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Interesting the turnaround, yes? How do we get to the place where the fierce protection over the innocent by a maternal energy is transformed into an evil monster, and how do we return this to its rightful balance?

While there is still much hidden and unknown, we can all surely agree on the need to protect the innocent. With the Ghislaine Maxwell trial underway, surely we will be gifted with certain sight. I know you will not allow certain crimes to continue to be swept under the rug. The people, you and I, have had enough. Justice will reign and we are all the Mother Camels, the Eyes of the Dragon, the Serpent of Wisdom, and the protectors of the innocent.

On this we can agree! Whatever falls, we will rebuild in the vision of truth and justice that we can be proud to leave our grandchildren.

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