Sun Square Uranus

Sun Square Uranus

sun square uranus

This is an impulsive, restless, freedom-seeking, and spontaneous energy and life can suddenly feel unstable and as if all the cards are up in the air. We have our hearts set on independence and crave the thrill of excitement, fresh adventure, and expansive freedom.

This energy encourages rebellion and breaking out of society’s rules and anything that feels confining. The drive is toward individuation and not conformity.

This shakes up the status quo and delivers a disruptive energy that can come in surprising ways that can affect relationships and our careers. This shake-up can come from within due to impatience, so it’s a great time to slow down and take great care of our nervous systems.  

When the Sun and Uranus are squaring one another, it can create a frustration that can easily get out of hand. So when this is a collective transit, it’s helpful to remember that everyone else is having an experience with this energy so staying as alert and calm as possible can really help.

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