Venus in Cancer - Natal and Transit

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer - Natal and Transit

Let’s talk about Venus in Cancer, both when it is found in the natal chart and when Venus is transiting the sign of Cancer.

Venus represents our love nature, esthetic and creative nature, and our resources. She is discerning and utterly feminine. She transits each zodiac sign for 4-5 weeks, so that works out roughly that she graces each sign with her presence once a year.

Cancer is our cardinal water sign. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) represent the changing of the seasons and carry an initiatory energy. You know that fresh new feeling when spring first begins? Or that invigorating feeling when fall turns the air all crisp and gorgeous? That is the cardinal energy experience: new beginnings, creativity, self-motivation, activity, pioneering possibility.

When Venus enters Cancer, she is exhausted from the dizzying activity of Gemini, the previous zodiac sign. She wants to put down some roots, make a nest, and FEEL rather than think.

Cancer rules the 4th house, the traditional house of home, family, ancestors, personal myth, inner child, and our deepest psychological workings.

When Venus is transiting the sign of Cancer, it is an opportune time to beautify our homes and bless them with our focused energy. Spending time with family is something we should be doing all the time, but it may feel extra nurturing during this span of 4-5 weeks. Don’t forget to engage your inner child in some creative play, send heart beams of gratitude to your ancestors, and inject loving rewrites into your personal myth. Intuition can be enhanced at this time, so trust your instincts!

When someone has their natal Venus in Cancer, you will need to prove to them that you are dependable, safe, responsible, and nurturing before they open the doors to their heart to you. They offer a refuge for your weary soul and need to protect their own until you prove yourself. Once they let you in and they are assured that you will nurture them in return, they open up their world of creative fantasy.

They will honor you by remembering your birthday and anniversary, so please return this respect. They will protect you, nourish you, need you, and cherish you. They will hold on to any pain you’ve inflicted for a very long time, just as they hold onto sentimental memories that warm their souls.

Venus in Cancer people are naturally capable of deep, lasting, stable commitments in love. Their energy draws in the wounded like a beacon, so be responsible with their love and you will be loved and accepted as you are, warts and all.

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