Blue Ray Soul Group FAQ

Blue Ray Souls FAQ

Blue Ray Soul Group FAQ

I thought I would compile some of the most common questions I get about Blue Rays. If you have other questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment and your question may be included in a part 2.

What are Blue Ray Souls?

Blue Rays are a soul group, like the Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal soul groups. They are NOT a “Starseed type” but ARE Starseeds. The term “Blue Ray Starseed” is inaccurate because Blue Rays are not a Starseed Type. The Blue Rays are “the forgotten ones.” You can think of them as the divine feminine balancing energy to the divine masculine energy of the Indigos. The Indigos are the trailblazers and the ones to tear down the old way. They challenge the lower frequencies. They can be activists as well as healers and teachers. Blue Rays are the builders and wayshowers of the new way. This is part of why they are known as the “forgotten ones” because their energies are more useful coming after the Indigos have had some time to challenge and tear down. Both transmute, through integration, pain into power, just like all Starseeds. All are lightworkers.

Are Nihal Starseeds Blue Rays?

This is something I have been studying for the past 3 years. Someone somewhere connected Indigos to Nihals Starseeds, I don’t know where this information originated... but I knew I was a Blue Ray and a Nihal Starseed so I was called to explore this. The energy of Indigos and Blue Rays is very different…and then the energy of Nihal is also different but has some similarities to both. So this is pretty fascinating to me and I have been working with Blue Rays over the years and have found so far that:

  1. Not all Blue Rays are Nihal Starseeds.
  2. Many Nihal Starseeds are Blue Rays.
  3. Interestingly, I have not found a particular connection between Indigos and Nihal Starseeds, at least not at this point.
  4. It’s entirely possible that there is no connection other than the similarities all starseeds and lightworkers share.

 My disclaimer here is that I of course am still studying this. The people I have worked with over the last 3 years have helped me understand these things. I am also not attached to any of this being 100% true 100% of the time. I feel that not being super attached and personally identifying with information like this is part of the journey of sovereignty. The point is service regardless of any identifier we want to take on.

What is the mission for the Blue Ray Souls?

The mission for Blue Rays Souls is the same as it is for Indigos and all Starseeds and other soul groups. SERVICE. The type of service will vary from soul to soul, but it is always about the individual journey of balancing their karma, claiming sovereignty and authentic expression. This “raises the vibration” of the individual and that raises the vibration of the human collective. As we all evolve, the intuitive gifts and abilities so many are currently chasing (the clairs, healing abilities, oracular skills, etc) become more readily available to all of humanity. This is an important thing to understand. These “gifts” and “abilities” are not superhuman. They are inherently naturally human and are present in everyone to some extent. Intuition is an animal instinct and comes from the sacral chakra and we are indeed animals. The clairs are more available with this vibrational shift and are anchored in the higher chakras. It would be utterly inappropriate for a being who is here to serve to have “superhuman, Godlike” powers. It is very important to understand that these are natural qualities for humanity to have. Everyone.

How do I know if I am a Blue Ray?

People ask me this all the time and my answer may frustrate them, but it is in alignment with the journey of sovereignty. In the articles I’ve written about Blue Rays I offer many qualities and descriptions. If there is a deep resonance and overwhelming YES at reading this, I feel that is a yes to being a Blue Ray. Feel it within as a “yes” or “no”. There is no judgement and let me return to what I said earlier about the tendency to over-identify with these labels. For some, this part can be a distraction at best and major ego-trap at the worst. Service is the purpose, not putting ourselves into all these groups.

What are the challenges of being a Blue Ray?

Blue Rays desperately need to find their voice, ground into this body at this time on this planet, reclaim their power (find their balls or ovaries, whichever), learn to say NO, and recognize their worth. The tendency to have poor boundaries can be very strong as well as the “doormat empath” situation that is very common. Often this stems from childhood or past life trauma and healing must be done to claim their worth. Once they do, they will naturally fall into leader roles and their impact will truly begin. They will trigger others with their inherent power and that is a huge gift to those who they encounter. Know that this experience is rarely pleasant.The way they live in this loving power will serve as a guide and lighthouse to all who work with them. The way to get there is to do the work around your unique karma and make medicine with your life. I can help with this.

You say I’m not supposed to get too attached to these labels. If that’s the case then what’s the point of knowing any of this in the first place?

I love this question and it is an important one! When a person begins to awaken to how multi-dimentional and ancient their souls are, it often awakens a deep hunger inside them to know all the details of their soul’s history. My purpose in this is to help make mystical knowledge practical. That’s my way. So in that vein let me say that

  1. Only what you need to know now will be available for you to remember. It’s important to understand that this knowledge is not outside of you.
  2. You may never “retrieve your memories” to the point of it being the same as memories of this life are, and that is fine and you are not a failure. Part of the lesson of being human is to exist in this perceived lack of connection with the Divine… and find our way to the Divine anyway. Super hardcore classroom. This is no kindergarten planet, loves.
  3. The biggest gift of any of this self-discovery knowledge is that when you feel a resonance and confirmation of something you’ve always felt or believed about yourself, allow that validation to fuel your self-trust. This inner authority is the true gift and this fervent phase of gobbling up all these labels and identifiers is meant to take you there…so you can then drop most of it and embrace your wholeness and sovereignty.


Ultimately, we are meant to ground into THIS body on THIS planet at THIS time. You are a vastly magical being. You are worthy of every good thing and you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. It is safe for you to be a brilliant, talented, psychic, generous, evolving teacher, healer, and leader. Your life and the way you live it is your masterpiece and it will and YOU will always be enough as you are.

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  • I saw my own aura with my own eyes. It was an electric blue. I saw this during a dark night. I know that I am a blue ray, I just don’t know what to do with that? Any ideas on where i go from here?

  • Amazing video great job:)
    Love For All:)

  • I was told a few years back that I was a rare, one of 10,000. I’ve searched an answer ever since. I now
    know I’m a Blue Ray. How many of us are there?? Is that known?

    Lori Eshelman
  • Loved this – lol I know! (after listening to this). IS the blue ray crowd connected to pleiadians? This was my explanation of the blue energy that has surrounded me

  • Great video. All these are good points. What about the transmutation of DNA lines and incarnating into trauma based genetic lines? I like your description of the Blue Ray, I can relate completely. Where did you get the age ranges? It is interesting to me how the age differences are found, also as it connects to The Waves of Volunteers by Delores Cannon. She never mentions Blue Rays, but one would assume these are the first wave of volunteers. Again, thank you for your humility and being open about what is still left to be discovered.


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