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Nihal, the Indigo and Blue Ray Marker

Nihal, also known as Beta Leporis, is the 2nd brightest star in the Lepus constellation. It's believed to be a binary star system and is over 240 million years old. Lepus, the hare, is located below the feet of Orion and is often thought to be his target, or the prey of his dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor. Nihal is located at Gemini 19°. If you have any planet, luminary, lunar node, Chiron, or your Vertex at this degree, you may be an Indigo Soul. You may even be an ultra-rare Blue Ray, but I'll get into that in a moment.

Lepus Constellation

I love mythology and how it relates to the constellations and weaving it all together into a meaningful nugget, but Lepus doesn't really have any mythology to speak of other than what I mentioned above. Yet, the rabbit has its own thing going on, for sure. It is the literal manifestation of the magician and is proof of his powers, materializing out of pure intention. The rabbit has been murdered for his lucky feet, as if hanging a dead foot from your key chain could bring you luck. *Insert eyeroll* In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is described as shy, articulate, peace-seeking, and lucky. This correlates nicely with the tender Blue Ray souls, so let's go there.


You have likely heard of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children/adults/souls. You may not have heard of the Blue Rays, the forgotten ones. They are often mistaken for Indigos and do have many similarities, but are even more empathic and sensitive. Think Moon in Pisces type of being. It is believed that Indigos are Nihal Starseeds, and/or that they have the Gemini 19° marker. My personal belief is that this marker can be a Blue Ray indicator as well. The bottom line is that Lightworkers in general are here to be of service and to raise the collective vibration of humanity simply with their existence in the physical plane. Because of this, there are numerous shared traits across the board of various starseed types and soul types. In addition, most of us carry the signatures of our soul's numerous and varied experiences throughout the multiverse.

Blue Ray Divine Feminine

So what makes the Blue Rays different? In essence, they suffer from low self-esteem in their young life and only speak up for themselves when pushed to the EXTREME. They are more likely to stand up for others before themselves. They KNOW they have a mission, yet literally cannot pin it down until they are activated later in life, and only then if they've found their self-worth on their own. Their empathic abilities and care for other beings is super extra. Because of this they can stay in unhealthy relationships and situations way too long, are mega targets for narcissists and sociopathic personalities, and can be highly and unfairly judged by others because of their sensitivity and tolerance.

  • Like Indigos they do not acknowledge authority and inherently see all as equal. Yet, Blue Rays will internalize the anger and frustration that is caused by their boundaries being pushed. This makes them susceptible to adrenal fatigue and other stress-related health problems.
  • Like Indigos they feel different than everyone around them and can feel lonely and misunderstood most of the time. Yet, Blue Rays will stand on their heads a million different ways in their attempts to fit in, hide their natural abilities, and fantasize about being normal as children. At least until they find and fully embrace their self-authority and live from that place completely.
  • Blue Rays are generally between the ages of 30-50 at this time.
  • Once they are activated, they cannot turn back from their mission. It usually involves sharing sacred wisdom, healing, teaching spiritual practices, various spiritual service, etc.
  • Blue Rays are healed, balanced, and grounded by living waters and should spend time in and near water in order to stay balanced.
  • Blue Rays have a natural connection to the Divine Feminine and effortlessly transmute lower vibrational densities. They can be highly irritating and triggering to vampiric entity attachments in people around them. For this reason, I recommend every Blue Ray get comfortable and familiar with Tablet 6 of The Emerald Tablets. With this they can protect themselves and others if needed.

 If you have Gemini 19° in your chart, I'd love to hear from you!

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  • I have known I am Blue Ray for a few years and I am born 1961 so a very early Blue Ray …I found out thru Akashidcrecord reading I am from Nihal…and my intuition said this was so…So thank you so much for the conformation x
    Kristin Day
  • I just found out nihal is my star group from an akashic record reading and it directly correlates to my experience here on earth. I do have gemini sun 20 degrees in my sidereal chart, pisces moon in my dragon comic chart, gemini mc in tropical. But beyond that outside of astrology

    Robin Doss
  • I am a moon in pieces. I do believe that I may be part of the blue ray group. I have been searching for answers for a very long time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I have Gemini 19’ in Chiron in my chart.

  • Hey, I have Gemini mc 19 and this really resonated with me. I also searched Starseed origin and got Nihal as the first connection. Would love to hear more about this. Much love!


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