Cancer Full Moon - January 17, 2022 - The People's Moon

Cancer Full Moon

Cancer Full Moon – January 17, 2022


Welcome to the first Full Moon of 2022 and she is a BEAUTY! There’s a significant rabbit hole here that I think you will really enjoy.

This Full Moon at 27° of Cancer is the fruit of the seeds of Presence we planted at the Capricorn New Moon on January 2, 2022. By “Presence” I mean the Cancer/Capricorn axis and how these energies hold our “presence” and serve as the gravity in our lives in the realms of our private and public spheres.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is known to be the most sensitive of all the zodiac. As a cardinal water sign, whenever Cancer is involved, there is the potential for major intuitive activations. Cancer has incredible healing energy and is all about cozy safety, warm blankets of trust, and divinitizing the domestic.

BUT the moon is out of bounds as she is full so this tells us that there is a not-so-typical, rebellious nature to her energy. She does not wish to be confined to what we would normally say about a Cancer Moon.

Moon opposing Pluto and Sun conjunct Pluto

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this Full Moon is opposing Pluto who is conjunct the Sun. This is the major feature and could be significantly uncomfortable for us all, particularly for those who are not keen on following these cycles. There’s something about knowing it could get weird that makes the weird feel less scary. Am I right?

We all know that Full Moons have a certain effect on the collective emotional state, just in general. This one, with a Pluto opposition, has real potential to offer up a roller coaster of emotions, inner turmoil, drama, and of course disclosure. And actually, once we dive into the rabbit hole, you’ll see that there is some powerful magic here that could rock us in all sorts of ways. The Sun being in conjunction with Pluto highlights this as the light is shining and is reaching all the way down to the darkest, murkiest hidden corners.

We also have a lovely sextile with the North Node, who is JUST ABOUT TO CHANGE SIGNS. This new cycle of the Nodes is something to know about and you can dive into this with 2 of the videos I’ve made on this subject here and here. In short, the next 18 months could be rife with some psychodrama and our leading edge guidance is to CALM THE EFF DOWN and cultivate sanity by connecting to the Earth and our own inherent and humble power.

This sextile serves as a reassurance that no matter what goes down, we have the opportunity to use it to push us forward and that we can transmute anything into an opportunity that works for us.

Now it’s time to get a little nerdy.

This Full Moon is conjunct the fixed star Alsciaukat. And I mean by an orb so tight you couldn’t floss it. 0°01’ orb. This is the only star with a proper name in the obscure and faint constellation Lynx while lies near Ursa Major. Alsciaukat is the 4th brightest star in this constellation and is visible to the naked eye as having an orange hue.

lynx constellation

This star is an evolved giant with approximately double the Sun's mass and 740 times as luminous. Alsciaukat is also a variable star which means its visible brightness doesn’t remain static.

The Constellation Lynx was discovered/created by 1600s astronomer, Johannes Hevelius, who is known as the “father of lunar topography.” He named it Lynx because he said you had to have the keen eyesight on the Lynx in order to see it in the sky. The term “lynx-eyed” has Medieval associations and describes the ability to divine the secret meaning of things, as well as the ability to see without being seen.

This attribute of piercing insight prompted the creation and so naming of the Academy of the Lynxes, an Italian society of which Galileo was a member, which contributed enormously to the scientific revolution. Galileo was imprisoned by the Roman Inquisition for appearing to agree with Copernicus’ heliocentric theory that contradicted the Bible and put the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the solar system.

It’s interesting to note that The Vatican didn’t admit Galileo was right until 1992. Pope John Paul II initiated an investigation in 1979 into the Catholic Church’s condemnation of Galileo. Thirteen years later, the pope officially closed the investigation and issued a formal apology. Interesting that it took 13 years for the Church to figure out and admit that the planets orbit the Sun.

What does this say about our own blind spots and hubris about science and truth? How able are we to consider that 350+ years from now, as long as it was for Galileo to be made whole (although he can’t be made actually whole because his finger is on display in a museum in Florence), what we see as obvious, nondebateable truth may actually prove to be entirely different?

The powers of the Lynx are significant. In the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, he states that the lynx draws knowledge from the heavens. Their grey color symbolizes the clouds and the lynx’s power to draw out ancient wisdom that is otherwise obscured.

The Greeks believed the lynx could see through solid objects, and Norse fertility goddess Freyja’s chariot is often depicted as being pulled by a pair of lynx.

Freya and her chariot

So, this star gives stealth and cunning. It gives us the ability to see the inner workings of others as well as errors, secrets, falsehoods, fears, and even abilities they can’t see within themselves. Very much connected to the Moon opposite Pluto and Sun conjunct Pluto energies we have.

With this influence it is important that we trust our instincts. The things we imagine are probably more accurate that the things we think, no matter how weird and out there it may seem… there’s probably a core of truth in there.

Another think to keep in mind is that any break of confidences at this time can bring swift and significant repercussions. There is a greater chance of things being made public or twisted far from their original meaning. So let’s be silent and stealthy, ever observant as the lynx at this time.

Alsciaukat means “thorn” in Arabic. Thorns are a protective mechanism of plants and some magical practitioners use cacti and other thorned plants as protector allies. The rune Thurisaz looks like a thorn and is names after an Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem called “Thorn” which speaks of the torture of women. The word also means “Giant.”

thurisaz rune

From “It’s not uncommon for the rune meaning of Thurisaz to be described as a thorn that is most sharp, a grim and evil thing to take grip on or touch. However, it is representative of Thor and his hammer, protecting Asgard from the thurses, giants who resist the expansion of consciousness throughout the multiverse. In every respect, the energies of Thurisaz are a forceful enemy of unconsciousness, ignorance and the rule of brute violence. Thurisaz represents the warrior that combines consciousness and wisdom with matters requiring force. Thor is the champion god of courageous and free human beings and the ultimate physical fighting force.

Thurisaz is also a fertility rune in the sense that it breaks down the barren and hard, rocky realms into workable soil as to bring fruitfulness to crops and wombs.”

Thor is a god of the common people and is known as the protector of humanity and Earth. Mjolnir, his hammer has long been revered as a protective amulet. Mjolnir has an asteroid and at the time of this Full Moon, it is conjunct the Great Attractor. This, to me, speaks of a powerful protective force that is fated to be in place for “the people” as well as the possibility of some divine intervention.

mjolnir thor's hammer

Today is also Thorsblot, a pagan feast day celebrating Thor, complete with eating, drinking, and poetry slams.

Now tell me this isn’t all divinely orchestrated. I couldn’t make all this up if I tried.

I have to add that when it comes to United States Astrology, This full moon is exactly opposing the United States Pluto, conjunct the U.S Vertex, and at this time, transiting Pluto is less than one degree from coming into the first exact Pluto conjunction. I made a video about this here. This is powerfully significant time of dramatic twists and turns and fated events. Consider all I’ve said with this in mind and I think we can all see that even though we’ve have a rough couple years, collectively, this is a long game and the process of full revelation and the subsequent rebuilding phase is going to take some time. All the more reason to lean into the sanity of well-cultivated North Node in Taurus energy.

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