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Mercury in Taurus and Cassiopeian Starseeds


Mercury through the decans of Taurus.

In the Tarot, Mercury is represented by the Magician. He represents having the prime creative force at our fingertips. He is a time traveler, shamanic journeyer, trickster, master manifestor, and alchemist. He moves quickly and is adept at sleight of hand.

In Taurus, instead of having his nose in books (which is one of his favorite things), Mercury is more inclined to channel and receive messages from the divine through touch, sight, smell, or otherwise through the senses. He has to slow down in order to do this, which goes against his grain….at first. Once Mercury gets to the 3rd decan of Taurus, he’s got this more earthy thing down.

mercury in taurus tarot cards. the magician, 5 of pentacles, 6 of pentacles, 7 of pentacles

The first decan of Taurus is represented by the 5 of Pentacles. This is commonly referred to the card of “being left out in the cold.” This accentuates the feeling of entering a totally new and different environment and feeling sorry for ourselves for a minute. That’s okay though, because the blessings are still there. We just have to make the choice to see them and feel them with our senses, including all our extra psychic senses.

The second decan of Taurus brings us to the 6 of Pentacles. Now there is an exchange going on, but who really has the upper hand? Does anyone? Is it just an illusion? There’s more of an emotional vibe now because the Moon boosts this card. The Moon can also confuse and obscure things from our awareness. However it rolls, it’s still feeling a bit better because there is energy moving now, albeit slower than Mercury wants.

By the time Mercury gets to the 3rd decan of Taurus, Saturn shows up in the 7 of Pentacles with the gift of stability, longevity, planning for the long-term, and a moment to think about the seeds we’ve planted. Do we need to revise a plan? Take a different direction? Plant new seeds? Or are we feeling satisfied and boosted by the work we’ve done and the horizon we’re facing ahead.

Cassiopeia Starseed

Mythologically speaking, Cassiopeia was imprisoned on her throne. I like to think of this as having the energy of not being able to escape our "royalty". This encouragement of embracing our galactic royalty extends to all at this time. Cassiopeian starseeds can open up to the joyful golden energy of their galactic family and spirit guides as they encourage us to embrace our brilliance and our expansive ability to love.

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