Mercury Conjunct Pluto


Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

We are not interested in surface platitudes or talking about the weather. When these 2 meet up once a year, hidden information can be revealed. We want to get to the very bottom of a situation and CAN with extra powers of concentration, and penetrating focus, and obsessive seeking.

Our minds are preoccupied with mystery, magic, occult workings, and research. If we are really passionate about something, we may come off as fanatical at this time or get lost in a pile of books or string of open tabs for hours on end. Power struggles can come up around trying to bend others’ minds to our will or vice versa.

Uncomfortable or disturbing information can be released publicly and on the world stage at this time.

Metaphoric X-Ray vision comes with a Mercury/Pluto conjunction whether it be a transit or a natal chart aspect. Seeing deeply into what is veiled is as natural as breathing. This makes this energy perfect for divination and any activity that requires peeling back layers.

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