Pluto Square Pluto Transit

Pluto square Pluto Transit

Pluto Square Pluto Transit

There are certain astrology transits that we all experience that serve as initiations, turning points, and potential doorways to entirely different and more fulfilling life paths.

The Pluto square Pluto transit is one of these initiations-in-common that can serve up some of the most drastic life changes between the ages of 36-61. It’s a wide age range, yes, but most will experience this transit in their middle to late 30s or early 40s.

I am quite passionate about this transit, yet would never wish to repeat my own experience of it. That being said, the gift of being forced to face all the monsters we don’t want to look at that reside within… and surviving it… is an initiation into our own expression of human excellence.

There can be a great deal of questioning about your role in life, your philosophical assumptions, and your overall purpose in life arising now. You become acutely aware of the ways in which your parents have influenced your life, and how your own lack of self-confidence or fears have affected your decision making.

This transit can take an incredible toll on some souls, I won’t lie. We are faced with everything we’ve swept under the rug…or just haven’t been able to figure out how to heal or release, but that sounds so much like a punishment. I mean, we’re always doing the best we can at every moment in time and I find it more helpful to see it as a gift of clarity that we did not have access to before. The initiation of this transit grants access. That sounds mystical because it totally can be like a magic mirror or like you just stepped off the steps of the Fun House where all the mirrors were weird and distorted… yet your new reality will be what feels distorted. It’s can be a loss of equilibrium and our brains can really convince us that it will never feel better or stable again.

Pluto doesn’t punish, even though most are pretty scared of him. He ultimately requires us to face what we don’t want to face. We must surrender in order to do this, and in order for most of us to surrender… we have to be brought to our knees utterly exhausted.

In this exhaustion, we cannot maintain any facades any longer. We are naked and our souls are bare. We rely on faith or must cultivate it for the first time.

You see, depending on YOU and what Pluto is asking of you in this lifetime, the Pluto square Pluto transit will likely have some things falling apart. These are things that are probably not compatible with your most glorious timeline, yet you may really REALLY be attached to them. Relationships, roles you play, and your general belief system are totally up for complete death and rebirth… phoenixing.

This process can be utterly exhausting. If may feel like it will never end. You may think giving up is the best thing and only thing available. While it’s true that an invisible hand may be reorganizing your life completely, it’s the inner transformation that is the ultimate gift. Your FAITH is what’s really on the line here.

Pluto is the lord of the underworld, the god of death. This transit serves to prepare us for death even though for most of us, angels willing, is a long time off. It prepares us by showing us what we’re really made of when the tsunami slams into our lives and we must face what our belief system is really made of.

Now you may see why I call this a sacred initiation. It’s hard af for many of us, so you can go ahead and stop judging yourself if you’re experiencing this transit and are feeling utterly heavy, exhausted, and empty.

Watch the video below for more or let’s do a Pluto Reading! You are not alone, even when it feels like you are.

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  • Thanx for that article. I am just coming out of that transit, and it is how you say. For me: like being draged through the underworld, while i repeatedly remind myself that i used to have a life that was fun, and I have felt joy, and i know that joy it exists, even if i am void of it, down here in the underworld. About the death part of pluto, i lost both my partents during this transit. My mother at the begining of it and my dad at the end of it. My natal pluto is in my first house (libra) and the transit was in the forth house (capricorn). So naturally I gave up my previous identity (1st house) and power (pluto), doing creative stuff with moderet but sustainable success (libra). I gave up this in order to support my dad through his destructive sorrow (alcohol) and into his dementia. I had to take charge of all finances, selling properties, being friends with all his friends, in order to mak sure he had enough social interaction (he was needy), and just tons of other logistics. Non of this was fun for an artistic minded introverted character that really enjoys her own company best. Coming out of it now, i no longer feel lost. I feel greatfull that i supported my elders, even if it at times it felt like it was very destructive to my identity. There was no space for me during the winding road toward death for them. But I had the courage to be there. Which i will never regret. I also remember telling my self on repeat while i was roming the underworld “you are never gonne regret this.” Yet annother positive outcome, is that i have now learnt everything i never wanted to learn about being a grownup. Having an artistic idenity means, you avoid budjets, planing 10 years ahead, responability, or other capricornian values. What leart is helping me reastruring my life, my values, my dreams, re-entry to my own career path will no doubt have a clearer direction and my new and deepend spiritual sense of reponsability will only enhance any future endavour.

    Infinity Vik
  • Do you think that pluto square pluto is hard? Well tell me about it as I have natal Pluto Saturn conjunction and now Pluto is squaring it hard and for ages. My life is at the bottom and I want to scream

  • Can confirm, Pluto square Pluto is so hard transit, had it in -07 when a karmic, intense relationship with a guy burned me to ashes and changed me forever. Could literally feel myself growing and changing during it. While it on one hand made me a “grown-up”, it left a lasting wound. Had Saturn square Saturn transit at the time, too. And Pluto was on my Asc.

  • It is really scary. Very hard. It is like everything you believe is fake . Faith is falling like everything else. Is there anything on the other side? Faith?

  • Great to read/hear so accurate description of what I also go through now (plus Pluto conjunct Sun at the same time), super thank you! I might be interested of the whole reading of Pluto ;)


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