Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

Venus Opposite Pluto Transit


Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

The very idea of Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Pluto, the God of Hell, interacting at all can invoke feelings of dread and foreboding. How could this possibly go well with a tense aspect between these two opposites?! Let’s talk about it.

Venus softens us with her love. She brings harmony, beauty, grace, and symmetry to everything she touches. She is yielding but not spineless. We generally really like the influence of Venus in astrology and in synastry she is usually a gift.

Pluto is powerful. His commanding presence has the purpose of making the unconscious conscious. He forces us to undergo deep transformation via all of life’s psychotherapeutic avenues. He is not gentle. He requires us to look in the dark places where we are harboring monsters. Notice I said he REQUIRES this of us. All the trash can energies of Pluto come from us not being willing or conscious enough to face these psychological demons. We have the best chance of success if we willingly go where he leads with maturity and self-awareness. When it comes to Pluto, a great astrologer is your best friend when it comes to decoding Pluto’s requests. That's me!

A Venus opposite Pluto transit happens around every 10-14 months and lasts from 1-2 weeks or longer if Venus goes retrograde during the opposition.

Whether this opposition is transiting your natal chart or if Venus is opposing Pluto in the sky for all of us to feel, it’s truth time, plain and simple.

This is a compelling energy and even if we are lucky enough to be aware it is happening, we can still have some unconsciousness play out in the drama of our lives.

Our closest relationships often feel the pressure of this transit. We can experience intense emotions that seem to come out of nowhere. Power dynamics and control issues can come to light. Dangerous affairs, extreme jealousy, and manipulation plays can be easier to succumb to if there is any of this hidden in our character. Our darkness is revealed to be witnessed and hopefully healed and integrated without harming ourselves or our loved ones.

For couples who are lucky enough to not have these hidden energies simmering in the darkness, there can be a passionate sexual revolution that transforms their relationship for the better. Sexual fantasies can be revealed and fulfilled, and the mantle of power can be embraced and celebrated by those who have been afraid to work with this energy in themselves or in their relationship. It can infuse a person with an enriched charisma that their partner finds irresistible.

Single people can feel intense attractions to those who may be or feel “dangerous” and extreme care should be taken when dating under the influence of a Venus opposite Pluto transit. We can even become the one who is the dangerous attraction for someone else, obsessed, or become drunk on the power of our own sexual chemistry and use it to manipulate or otherwise harm others.

Bottom line, we are confronted with any taboos we have tried to sweep under the rug. Something in the intimate spaces in our heart has reached critical mass and must see the light of day. Our defenses crumble. Any attempts to hold them at bay are no longer successful.

The trick is to be able to recognize if the hidden desire is one that we actually need to incorporate into our lives in order to be more whole. We suddenly have the courage to nakedly express these needs under the Venus and Pluto opposition.

The dark side is… all the dreadful desires some people have are harder to hold at bay. Cheating partners, sex scandals, and all the scary influences the God of Hell can bring upon the Goddess of Love can fill our news feeds when this transit is influencing the collective.

However it goes, intimate truths will be revealed. May we hold each other close as the veil is pulled aside.

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