Some Truth about Twin Flames

Truth about Twin Flames

Some Truth about Twin Flames

In my earlier videos and blog articles, I think I mentioned twin flames a handful of times. I thought that I could use these words and it would be understood that not everyone means the same thing when they use this term. At this point in my work as a metaphysician and professional astrologer, I need to make some things very clear. I get emails and messages every day from beautiful souls filled with anxiety and stress wondering if the one they have a particular astrological aspect with is their twin flame. Should they continue to wait, when will reunification happen, does he know he’s their divine masculine. I have much to say about this, hear me out.

First let me explain what I mean or DID mean when I say the words “twin flame.” I really just mean a deep, impactful connection. I mean DEEP though. Visceral.

I do not mean that one of you is a runner and one is a chaser. I do not mean you are only half a soul and are only complete when you find your “true twin flame.” I do not mean that you will only find happiness with this one person and you better get it right because there is literally only one for you.

Second, let me be very clear. There are ZERO “twin flame” indicators in Astrology. It’s true that if I absolutely HAD to pick one, I would pick the Vertex/AntiVertex conjunction. Personally I have this in synastry with my partner AND with my best friend of decades, so you can see the problem here. The problem you see here is the problem with literally every single synastry or composite chart aspect anyone claims to be an indicator. There are synastry aspects that have a certain PUNCH. They hit deeper, but there are no guarantees in astrology or in anything else for that matter. These are the synastry aspects I see in these beautiful and complicated relationships that impact our lives forever.

So much of the twin flame information out there makes my skin crawl. I find it to be incredibly harmful as it lures people with its promise that “if you experience this, you are special, unique, an advanced soul, and true love is yours in this life.” The thing is, you ARE special, unique, and likely an advanced soul, and true love IS likely yours for the taking in this life. BUT it isn’t through making yourself complete through another person. You are already complete as you are!

Here is where I encourage you to ask yourself honestly what your beliefs about your soul are. For me, it was hammered in my heart and soul from childhood that I AM WHOLE AND COMPLETE HERE AND NOW. Any belief system that diverts my wholeness to someone or something else is not truth to me. Any theory or belief that holds my completeness and sovereignty as a condition I must attain is not truth to me. In short, do your beliefs empower you as sovereign or do they disempower you as in need of sovereignty that will be bestowed upon you via someone or something outside of you?

Know what you deserve in love and life

I do appreciate that much of the focus in twin flame mythology is about individual spiritual growth. The problem here is that it is connected with the reward of finding your true twin flame, or even worse, the growth is done with the desire of that reward.

It is the romantic soul that is attracted to the twin flame mythology, and I sooooooooo get it! I was romance obsessed from birth or at least it felt that way. The reason I am so passionate about relationships as a spiritual path and classroom and the gift of astrological understanding is because I UNDERSTAND that desire for true love. I have been the “chaser”.  I have been romantically obsessed more than once, more than twice, more than thrice! For decades of my life, every single person I felt a connection to was “the One.” Or at least I wondered, hoped, and wanted them to be the one. I enabled, allowed my partners to treat me like total crap, I settled. I suffered!

I have been fortunate to experience multiple “twin flame” connections. What I mean is that literally every single thing the internet says is a sign of true twin flame union, I have experienced more than once, more than twice, and more than thrice. My knowledge of astrology has allowed me to understand these relationships and to understand myself and why I have experienced love and romance in such a dramatic and intense way. Part of it is my own karma. It’s my path in this life to reunite and heal my connection with many souls from lives and worlds beyond. The other part is so I can be in a position to serve others who can benefit from my experience and knowledge.

 My Love Philosophy

My “journey” in this life is to live in a way that honors my soul. This has nothing to do with partnering, yet it is the magic ingredient to making real love work, in my opinion. For me to experience the type of “union” with another, the type of union I really want (and deserve) requires that I be THE MOST authentic version of me. It requires that I live my life in a way that is in alignment with my true divine path. How do I know what that even is? As long as I live my life honestly, commit to spiritual and emotional growth and maturity even when it’s hard, my most benevolent, joyful, abundant, most fulfilling path will be ever unfolding before me. And you as well if you choose to live in this way. This is my belief. I am whole and complete and it is in that wholeness that I can offer my partner something actually real. From this wholeness I only desire authenticity from my partner. I celebrate his true expression. 

It’s about wanting the type of relationship that will be fulfilling to the best version of ME. This includes all the parts of me: the ones I reject, the ones I hide, the ones I deny as well as the ones I’m proud of, love and accept. Being WHOLE does not mean being perfect or attaining some elusive lack of flaws. What I’m talking about is calling all the parts of you home, giving them all hugs, and knowing that the type of partnering you really deserve includes the space to evolve and grow in every single way your soul desires.


Be the cutting edge version of you. When you commit to this above all else, certain things become much easier. Knowing the type of treatment you deserve is easier, responding to life becomes easier because you know where your compass points.

I have walked away from people I loved so deeply because the treatment I was receiving from them was unacceptable to my soul. It’s true that former Anandas may have engaged in some bargaining or trying to reason or coax a better experience so I wouldn’t have to walk away. As I walk away I acknowledge what is mine and where I could have done better. I express love and remain respectful with my words. But I do walk away.

I’ve learned that some bonds cannot be broken. Some can. Loving someone can still be meaningful from a distance. You can still feel it in that visceral-in-my-soul-I’ve-loved-you-for-lifetimes type of way.  I don’t mean while you’re waiting for them to return. I mean in acceptance. In non-attachment. In understanding what your options are because you live by that compass that always points toward honoring your soul. I’ve learned that some connections are immortal and private and add to the richness of my capacity and ability to love. I can move on and love someone who has the bandwidth and respect for the cutting edge version of me I am constantly forging.

To quote the Mandalorian. “This is the way.”

Do I call my partner “my twin?” I do! But I am well aware of what I mean when I say that. I mean that he is the only person in this life I have found with whom I can make real grown-up love work. We are both complete and our connection is so much more because we know that, not to mention the level of magic between us. But deep down I know that if for some reason we fall apart, I will heal, and I will get ready for the next love of my life.

If you are struggling to heal from a past relationship, wanting to understand a current one, or interested in doing the work to understand your personal journey with love and karma, I urge you to book a session with me. I promise you’re not crazy. I promise there are reasons for how you feel and a purpose and that our work together is a safe space where you will be held and honored as the master you are.


  • Perhaps another approach is to eschew the idea of compatibility altogether. What if you were forced to live, work with and rely upon a radically different person, in isolation, for an extended period of time? Think of a forced marriage of circumstance, but to someone whom you have all the hardest aspects, and all the indicators of severe incompatibility – an “anti-soulmate” or “anti-flame” if you will. Not necessarily someone evil, per se, but an absolute mismatch for your personality. What changes would happen in both of you? What lessons would be learned? It’s a tantalizing and terrifying thought experiment, to be sure, but some of the greatest discoveries are forged in a crucible of deep discomfort and unease.

  • I’m grateful for this communication on “twin flames”. I wish I’d have seen this 3 years ago when I got caught up in the TF trend. It would’ve saved me from so much confusion and heartache. I resonate with every word you say about TFs. I got caught up in all that and fought hard for a relationship that was actually damaging to me. The highs were super high and the lows were so so low. It wasn’t healthy. I’ve learned that I’m complete, a whole soul, not missing anything. Releasing the ideology that finding “the one” will complete me, or waiting for that person before I start truly living my life, has been incredibly liberating. I’m happier and living the best life I’ve ever lived after freeing my mind from the shackles of limiting ideology. I can love from a galactic soul and still have healthy boundaries and enjoy my own life, my own self, my own world- which I can share with others more authentically. Thank you for keeping it real! You’re a Lighthouse.

  • Well that is accurate to me, last partner had his vertex on my sun and anti vertex, we lasted 25 yrs and i knew him 3 yrs before we got together. i have met a 2nd person who has the same aspect, but our venus and mars are conjunct in synastry and davison chart. I knew him 3 yrs before but as its online, we have not got to meet each other. Its been quite turbulent but we are still in contact. So what i do is i look at 70% compatibility between natal charts. At this moment in time, we are still after 3 yrs in contact on and off….very interesting x

  • Amanda, it’s perfectly fine for you to think I’m wrong – this is your journey. However, it doesn’t seem you read the part where I addressed the “indicators in astrology.” I’ve been an astrologer for over 30 years – there’s a general misunderstanding and lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to these “indicators”.

    Ananda (Galactic Mystic)
  • Your wrong, there are indicators in astrology .


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