Synastry Aspects for Soulmates - Sun Conjunct Pluto

sun conjunct pluto synastry

Do you have a Sun/Pluto conjunction in your synastry?

As always I have my two disclaimers before we get into this. If you've been following this series on Youtube or here at Galactic Mystic, you’ve heard this before, but for the new folks it's important to mention. I’m pretty serious about these disclaimers because many are really attached to their belief systems around relationship types, especially when one mentions “twin flames.”

The first disclaimer is that when I say “soulmate” I mean whatever word you use for those deeply impactful relationships. Some people say soulmate, twin flame, karmic partner, destined partner, the one, etc. I’m not debating what these things are or the differences between them, because there's a lot of ideas and deeply ingrained belief systems out there.

My other disclaimer is when it comes to synastry and reading these relationship astrology charts and trying to decipher them, it's really important that we don't get into a “can't see the forest for the trees” situation. I've used a lot of analogies to describe what I mean here and it seems like one of the best ones is to think of your synastry chart as a garden and each aspect is a flower or plant in that garden. Some of the plants and flowers and more noticeable than others. You see their color more vibrantly, their fragrance is more intoxicating, but you really want to look at the whole garden before you start saying “this is a rose garden” when there's really only one rose bush. I hope this analogy is landing in the way I intend.

Today we're talking about the Sun conjunct Pluto. If you saw my video or read my blog post on Sun conjunct North node, I mentioned that the Sun in astrology represents the filter our soul shines itself through in this life. It's our personality or ego and really our planetary core if that makes sense. Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio and ruler of the 8th house. This is the house of sex, death, taxes, transformation, and shared resources. Deeper than that, Pluto is responsible for reviewing things that we don't necessarily want to see. He's the great transformer, the god of the underworld. In Greek mythology he was Hades, and in synastry, Pluto is responsible for quite a large amount of obsession.

Pluto astrology symbol

Whenever Pluto is involved you can bet your ass it's karmic. Karmic doesn't necessarily mean bad though. If you think about it, how could we NOT have karma with someone that we have a past life connection to? The people who impact us the most in life we no doubt have a past life connection too. There's this negative connotation to karma in relationships, but really it's like relationship glue. Hot, sticky glue if I’m going to try and describe this accurately. It's what happens when we have soul contracts with people. Karmic just means that one of you owes the other something. It could be a really sweet something! Maybe each of you owes the other something, so this requires an open mind.

The Sun person will be endlessly mesmerised by the Pluto person, almost hypnotized. However, the draw and attraction is quite potent for both people. The Pluto person usually has the upper hand, so ideally you want the Pluto person to be as emotionally and spiritually mature as possible. With Pluto you just want to watch out for any manipulation tactics and anything that feels toxic in any way. You will want to nip that in the bud right away. If you are the Pluto person and you notice yourself doing that kind of thing, YOU really need to take responsibility for your actions and grow in your self-awareness.  You cannot have a healthy relationship when you're trying to manipulate your partner. This is where understanding your relationship astrology and synastry can be of huge assistance if you’re intending to be a conscious partner and have a divine partnership that is built on higher principles.

Astrological symbol for the Sun

One of the ways that manipulation can happen in this particular conjunction is the Sun person can have a recurring fear of losing their partner. If the Pluto person is not of high integrity and they're aware of this they could potentially use that to manipulate their partner in order to keep the upper hand in a toxic way. This is just one of the negative aspects of a Pluto synastry contact, but a positive aspect, and there are plenty, is the attraction. There's sexual compatibility galore.

The Sun person has the most to gain from this connection, because whatever their soul wants to transform in this life, they will find assistance from the Pluto person. This doesn't mean it will be comfortable. Transformation is rarely comfortable, but depending on other connections in the relationship, this transformation can be exactly what is needed for an even deeper, symbiotic bond between these two people.

There's a mesmerizing quality here and both people will feel it. The Pluto person may have the upper hand, but they're just as in as the Sun person. The Sun person feels special because of the Pluto person's attention. They might put the Pluto person on a pedestal, and again, if you're the Pluto person just know and take to heart how vulnerable the other person can potentially be to you. Respect that it's truly an honor to be held up like that. That's really how you want to feel about this… that's the spiritual and emotional maturity required here. It takes a high level of responsibility to handle this type of potent karmic connection, but it draws these two together. This is one of the easier Pluto involved synastry aspects, but Pluto always brings the heat. He always brings that guttural, visceral, passionate intensity. Just watch for obsession and manipulation and respect the nature of this transformational relationship connection.

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  • Woah. I just fell totally in love with a girl who’s Pluto is 10° sag and my Sun is 8° sag. Super potent! I feel this so much! I’ll let y’all know how it goes… 😉

  • Jennifer – What an interesting combo! I feel this would create a situation with perhaps more difficulty and friction due to lack of clarity in seeing the positives described in the Sun/Pluto conjunction. Perhaps the potential for more projection if that makes sense. It definitely takes it up a notch with the name asteroid being involved.

    Camille – I am so sorry for the loss of your soulmate… I can’t image how difficult that must have been. As far as the karma goes, I think that entirely depends on the situation. I tend to think we can work out our karma without the actual person involved, such as fostering forgiveness, understanding the bigger picture, and healing in our own right, etc. If you feel the karma has been worked out, it likely has.

    Galactic Mystic (Ananda)
  • I am a Capricorn with Scorpio rising and I was married to a Leo man and everything you described in your report reminds me of the relationship I had with this man until he died in December 2008. Our relationship was anything but peaceful but despite our many problems, I truly believe he was my soulmate. Your article pinpoints many of the feelings I had with this man and the only question I have left is does this change the Karma involved once the relationship is over?

  • What about Pluto 12 house (conj partners named asteroid) / inconj partners sun?


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