Sun Square Pluto Transit

Sun square Pluto Transit

Sun Square Pluto Transit

When the Sun and Pluto are in the challenging aspect of a square, it is difficult to ignore, and like everything in life, how we experience this energy depends so much on how willing we are to surrender to what Pluto is asking of us. This is true whether the Sun is squaring Pluto in the sky for all of us to feel or if this is a transit we experience in our natal charts.

The Sun is the personality filter our soul is shining through in this life. It shows how our ego responds to the set of life experiences and karmic balancing we are to experience. It is our identity, our very self, our vital life essence in which our path must reflect in order for us to feel as if our life has any purpose. It is the center of our psyche. If our life is too divergent from the basic nature of our natal Sun, our will to live can go down the drain like a tragic Long Island Iced Tea.

Pluto is Lord of the Underworld, the God of Death, and strikes fear in many even when we understand his basic function in astrology. He is power and transformation, intensity, death and rebirth, destruction and the fertile ground in which miracles are born. He is the dark waters. We cannot see even an inch below the surface, and that kind of hidden depth is inherently frightening. Is it monsters? Is it ancient ruins? Is it treasure? Yes, yes, and yes.

Whenever Pluto is interacting with us in any kind of hard aspect, whether it be a conjunction, square, or opposition, it’s an initiation into the next level of truth. With the Sun involved, it is our identity and life force, our basic essence that is up for initiation into the next level of awareness, truth, and power.

Our miraculous brains and utterly complex human consciousness have many ways they compartmentalize information for our benefit. We can completely block out entire chunks of time if we experience a certain level of trauma. We can settle into cognitive dissonance and blissful ignorance with literally no clue that’s what’s going on. We can repeat toxic patterns that keep us circling in our own version of hell without even realizing that’s what we’re doing.

…until Pluto parts those dark waters and allows something unforeseen to be revealed. The unconscious becomes conscious.

With a Sun/Pluto square transit, the initiation involves our very essence. We may be faced with issues we don’t want to see in ourselves. Underlying issues and hidden situational aspects come to light. Secrets are revealed as well as all the gymnastics we have applied to keeping these things hidden in the dark murky waters.

When we approach these initiations with conscious awareness, we often can feel an up-welling of something needing to be healed. We seek council, psychotherapy, healing, rectification. We choose not to hide from what the God of Hell has spread out before us. We may be intimidated and even afraid, but we don’t hide, cower, or fall to our knees. We look these disturbing truths in the eye and wrestle with them as required. It is uncomfortable, yet utterly rewarding in indescribable ways.

When we choose the other path, the one where we do our best to ignore the revelation and attempt to push its head back under the water, we no doubt enter a next-level-of-discomfort in our illusion of self. Often when people choose this path, they embody the negative aspects of what wanted to be revealed and healed. The cycle of abuse continues, we lash out at others so they can feel the pain we refuse to release, we manipulate, engage in toxic power struggles, we become what we fear and then project it on others in our blindness.

On either path we can encounter tyrannical, dark, and difficult sides or ourselves and others, and there is a tendency for us to be relieved of people, situations, and things that are old, worn out, and unhealthy… even if we still want to keep them.

When this Sun square Pluto transit is happening in the sky for everyone, it last about a week or so and occurs twice a year, every 6 months.

When the Sun is transiting your natal Pluto, similarly, it is a brief period of about a week that can bring things to the surface that need some kind of reckoning.

If transiting Pluto is squaring your natal Sun, this lasts for much longer, a couple of years. This is a true initiation that will either utterly exhaust you or serve to empower and enlighten you to levels of sovereignty you may have never thought possible… or both.

However this energy is going down, what we are afraid to see comes a’knockin. Hard truths about what is standing between us and a more fulfilling and healthy power balance in our identity and life force get revealed to be healed.

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