Nihal Starseeds, Indigo Souls, and Blue Ray Souls

Nihal Starseeds, Indigo Souls, and Blue Ray Souls

I’ve been quite surprised by the response to my article Nihal, The Indigo and Blue Ray Marker. I’ve loved every one of the emails I’ve gotten. I thought it might be time to share a little of my own experience.

I’ve been consciously aware of being a Blue Ray since the mid 90s. At that time, I was around 20 years old. My spiritual teacher at that time was gently guiding me through a series of journeys and vision quests when I was told I was a “Blue Ray” and was given a symbol which I now recognize as a light code. My teacher knew I was a Blue Ray and made it her business to “work with the new Blue Rays” even though I had never heard of that term, and she never said a word to me about it until I had received this information on my own. There were 2 others that I knew she was working with.

Fast forward a couple decades or so and all of the sudden, people are talking about the Blue Rays! Yay for the internet! I felt a deep stirring and an undeniable knowing. Things were changing inside me and my world was about to change forever.

Fast forward a few more years, starseed astrology enters my world. I learn that I am a Nihal starseed… but wait… they say the Nihal starseeds are the Indigos… that can’t be right. At this point I knew there was more to this and I had to dive deeper.

It’s possible that Blue Rays just get lumped in with Indigos because they are an obvious soul group that is different from the basic collective template. They are “the forgotten ones” after all, so this actually makes a lot of sense. Here I will share some of the differences I have found when looking at Nihal starseeds, Indigo Souls, and Blue Ray Souls.

Nihal Starseeds

Highly psychic

Can see the motivations behind people’s behavior

Extremely mature and evolved understanding of life

Socially open, no facades, no acknowledgement of social hierarchies

Zero acknowledgement of authority, will not submit to authority just because. Respect and authority are different.

Should be self-employed

Destroy what isn’t working by not participating/withdrawing energy

Clever and eloquent, sensitive and comedic

Ability to heal and regenerate

Long, healthy lives are possible

Periods and spurts of rapid spiritual growth


Indigo Souls

High expectations or self and others

Confident, assertive, yang energy

Perceptive, passionate, and highly creative

Question authority, rebellious, and can be critical of those in power

Natural leaders


Uncompromising, little interest in fitting in

Evolved problem solvers, can see a better way effortlessly

Buck the current of the status quo in order to destroy what no longer works for humanity

Natural and motivated activists

Divine Masculine energy (nothing to do with sex or gender)

Atlantis energy


Blue Ray Souls

The lost lightworkers, the forgotten ones

Deeply intuitive, yin energy

Nurturing, gentle, loyal

Love in action/unconditional love

Can experience heart-breaking difficulty so they can hold space for others

Power is often mostly dormant until activated

Before reclaiming their power can get stuck in cycles of codependency, rescuing, addiction, sacrifice, and giving away their power

Are here to serve others as they navigate their paths

Divine Feminine/Mother Mary/Mother Isis energy (nothing to do with sex or gender)

Lemuria energy


As you can see, each has a unique vibe, but as we evolve, the polarities come into balance much more.  As far as the Nihal marker, Gemini 19°, goes… I have spoken with MANY individuals who already knew they were Blue Rays and they do have the Gemini 19° marker. Perhaps the Nihal template is one that is just naturally compatible with those of Indigos and Blue Rays. I find it to be an interesting thought that Indigos might hold more Divine Masculine energy and Blue Rays more Divine Feminine…but that synthesis and unity occur as they evolve on their paths and they balance this template to light the way for humanity’s evolution.

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  • I’m 41 and just found this article, how it’s interesting and very resonating so understand more about who I am.

  • Hi,
    I find your research exceptionally authentic and resonant. I would love to connect and understand how to channel the blue ray in me. I am a Gemini, 4/6/74 but don’t know what a 19° is!
    Please advise.
    And thank you for your work

  • I have been doing shamanic work for a couple of years and when I went into my journey tonight I was taken to my true inner self – a blue ray starseed, which I had never heard of but makes so much sense. Thank you for the wonderful information.

  • I am a blue ray who have quietly let go of siblings, friends and socializing. Your articles are my very lifeline because I truly thought god had forgotten about me, I am not alone and I can’t believe it, thank you so much

    Mohani persad-seeraj
  • Namasté Sisters & Brothers
    I am so grateful to be here with u all & tune in to share and grow it fills me with so great joy to be on this/my journey in finding my true purpose as well as meeting each divine soul and everyone whom seeks to accomplish the task of the 144.000
    Furthermore i want to thank you Ananda for opening your heart and soul here so we can find inspiration when we need it the most I just told my guides last week that i am ready to get clear about the starseed origins & there you are
    Just as we two had planned it and we did it <3 hope you can feel a great deal of love comin your way right about now

    And if i may give David a lil´piece of freedom out of my research (+20 yrs) & more so my absolut freak out because soooooo much information and all sounding some kinda right but just didnt somehow
    Well i will try to keep it short and pls David if you have any Qs ask away all is right and all is relative
    Since the age of awakening started/begun/was set in motion the timeframe has gotten shorter til point zero and at the same time the to be reveled • filtered • and • correct translated information grow exponentially
    By now we know that this motion must end up in wrong assumptions to early attempted success and the confusion caused by the lack of understanding and connection the dots And the most vital point is – it wasnt the right time to know
    So please trust in god/ the universal and divine consciousness the answer is inside you
    Quiet your ego and ask for the answer and then be open for everything you are.
    Me for example I am a starseed of Orion/Orions belt/Alinam •a blue ray soul • &• a Heyoka empath Although i do have parts/sources in me of the Sirian • Pleiadian • Lyran & Arcturian origins because i journeyed throu all galaxies and dimension to collect my gifts/knowledge to come here in this body at this precise moment to give and share all of it so humanity will successfully reunite with the frequency of the Intergalactic order as it always was meant to be and was before :-)))) We are so much more as we believe collectively
    And pls remember time does not exist more so is an illusion Thank you so much for opening up for me to share
    love & light to all u precious divine souls

    Rau Susanne

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