Transpersonal Astrology - The Great Attractor

Transpersonal Astrology - The Great Attractor

Transpersonal Astrology - The Great Attractor

Located at 14° of Sagittarius, the Great Attractor is a mysterious galactic anomaly. Appearing to be a massive concentration of mass and energy, it hungrily devours neighboring galaxies at the impossible-to-imagine speed of 600km/second. This is a concentration of mass thousands of times greater than our Milky Way, yet accurate understandings elude our scientists and the Great Attractor remains incalculable and incomprehensible. It is thought to be at the gravitational center of the Laniakea supercluster. Our own Milky Way is one of 100,000 galaxies included in this cluster.

Acting like a galactic bully, its unfathomable gravity warps space and time and bends light, yet it lacks an event horizon, which it would have if it was simply a black hole. Although it recedes from our galaxy at a very high speed, at the same time there is extreme measurable ultraviolet energy that suggests it is approaching. Whaaaaat?!

It's baffling! If the Great Attractor is comprised of dark energy, which is one theory, (the universe is thought to be 71% dark energy and it is the force that moves galaxies), then it has to be a different, unknown, more powerful type of dark energy.

Spiritually and astrologically this offers much to chew on. The Great Attractor is mysterious, unknowable, seduces and draws in, yet we don’t know if she’s coming or going. Philip Sedgwick says, “While this complex point actively recedes, it summons an energy of “come hither.” Once engaged, this pull exceeds anything known. The attraction to this point possesses a seductive tone, but in a classical Sagittarian mode. There’s something about it. It seems to possess this energy - it’s mysterious, it’s captivating, it might even be a direct personification of the Creator!" In the classic Sagittarius vibe, it is not easy to know well.

In come the themes of destiny, fate, and free will. It’s suggestive that once one has entered this current, the outcome is set in stone. You will be devoured, consumed. No doubt the pull is crazy hard, if not impossible to resist. Is that really true though? I like to think that we always have a choice and that our own strength and power are unknowable until triggered by a potent seductive current that feels like it could be a trap… or your destiny… or the voice of the Creator.

With any prominent conjunction or opposition in the natal chart to The Great Attractor, these themes above can be colorfully present and the querent will FEEL this wild-ride energy. Where are we free and where are we fated? What part do we play in the destiny of others?

This is one of the mysterious points I look at in the Galactic Blueprint Reading.

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  • Somehow, we are being exposed to mysteries that the material mind cannot, and will never, comprehend. The next expanded and cosmic era is for those who will co-create with God, personal versions of the cosmic Christ mind. What a journey lies ahead!

  • I have my Sun at 13° 06" with Neptune next to it and I can definitely feel the energy of the collective, especially in this times of craziness. My healings have been evolving as well in the past month. I feel waves of energy in my physical body.

  • Thanks for your article. Terence McKenna talks a lot about the Great Attractor. I heard Pam Gregory discussing it too. I guess it would be interesting to talk to people who have planets conjunct here. I have Neptune at 13° 55" and Mercury at 15°. If anyone is interested in talking about this feel free to email me.

  • Thank you, this is interesting to dive in to. I have been researching my galactic origins and from what I can see in my chart my Neptune is conjunct with The Great Attractor, I have Uranus in Andromeda opposite Almach and Pluto in Andromeda opposite Alpherate… but how can aspects of my soul origin come from a black hole? Curious your thoughts, thanks!

  • Thankyou


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