Venus in Pisces - Natal and Transit

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces

Venus loves being in Pisces. In fact, she is exalted in Pisces which gives her more prominence and makes it easier for her to express her full potential.

In Pisces, Venus expresses her true compassionate and creative nature with poetic and romantic flare. Much of her energy goes toward fantasy and imagination where she can ruminate over romantic flight and fancy and creative ideals endlessly.

An attraction to otherworldy possibilities and an ultimately spiritual quest to experience life and love in the subtle realms of consciousness, Venus in Pisces loves to make things sacred. Ritual and devotional attention is favored and she believes in true love and divine union at a spiritual level. It is what Venus in Pisces craves.

She is devoted and caring, tremendously softhearted, she may try to rescue you with her love, knowing its power but giving selflessly in ways that may not feed her in return. It is as if she is an embodiment of God’s unconditional love and she can’t help but express it when she sees a need. Knowing her limits may be a challenge.

Spiritualizing our physical bodies and the spaces we spend time in can go a long way to bring the mystical beauty of Venus in Pisces into our lives. Playing music, lighting a candle, and making sure we spend some time doing those things that take us out of our normal states of being such as meditation, tantra, devotional and mystical practices help us make sense of the world around and our place in it.

In Pisces, Venus is utterly accepting. Her compassionate heart wants to love you entirely, body, mind, and spirit. This is Venus as the mystic.

When we look at the planets in their exalted signs, we learn more about their true nature. Venus is discriminating, meaning she knows her worth and value. In Pisces she wants people and environments to be safe enough for her to be able to spend time in the realms of fantasy and to not get taken advantage of or harmed. The unseen will always be calling to her and if she has to be TOO real TOO often, she will become discontent.

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  • I related to this soooooo strongly, but my Venus is in Capricorn, so I went and checked, and my progressed Venus IS in Pisces!!!


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